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Microsoft E3 Conference 2010


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Should you like watching 9 year old girls degrade themselves in front of a webcam, there was a lot to enjoy in last nights conference. You can relive the horror at gametrailers.

If you can't bring yourself to watch the full thing, Microsoft 'announced' a bunch of games we all knew about (MGS:Rising, Halo:Reach, Gears 3, Fable 3 and Call of Duty: Brown Ops mainly) and then wheeled some cunt out in a purple velor tracksuit who reckoned he invented the Eyetoy. Americans will also be able to watch college football and college basketball vis ESPN on their console. I guess we'lll have sky broadcasting primary school sports day over here.

If you want to know more about Kinect, head over to xbox.com, where amusingly they're still refering to it as natal. Oh, but the dance game looks alright, just not in a spend any money on it kind of way.

They also announced a new 360 slim, but you already know that. Out here July 16th, apparently.

And now we look forward to Nintendo and Sony.

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Are these two not the same?

The content will, but they will be powered by different bandwidth (I hope) so if one doesnt work then the other one will. Previous experience says that the more working streams you have in the first post of a thread, the better.

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Some extremely weird pictures have leaked out of the Natal (Kinect?) event:




EDIT: According to Kotaku, all the audience is forced to wear those weird smock things:


It looks (and sounds) like they're all going to be unexpectedly mass married by rogue scientologists.

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About that event...

For me, the highlight of the evening was watching Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki walk into the event in his white robe, taking in the scene behind his traditional sunglasses. He looked around a few times, stood quietly for a few moments and then turned around and left.
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Ok guys - Microsoft have done a pretty good conference over the last few years, but not today. Today is going be Microsoft's LOLFAIL special.

Why? The Kinect. It's a dull name, for a product that will not give Microsoft what it wants. Nintendo have barely managed to grab some of the casual market with the Wii and DS. Phones and Facebook have already won that war. These people are not heading to Microsoft - ever.

Now I love my Xbox - but Nat-a-Kinect ain't gonna get bought unless it does that 3D gubbins that Cyhwuhx suggested. It won't though will it?

So cue Microsoft today forgetting that the only market it will ever have - the 30-50 million average gamer - and going on some shitty LOLfest body waggle-a-thon. It'll be fun to watch.

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