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Microsoft E3 Conference 2010


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A delayed till half past message just popped up on the gamespot feed, which had previously been counting down to 6.

Anyway this thread should show if the new server is any good.

I defy every road law there is to make it back for six, and its delayed?

NOT a good start, Microsoft.

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How can I watch this fullscreen on a second screen? I have a second browser open on the second screen and I make the stream fullscreen. But when I go back to do anything on the first screen, it makes the second come out of fullscreen. Is there a way to force it to stay fullscreen?

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You know that feeling you got when George Bush said he was running for president. Or when that Kaz guy said $599.99. That powerful or most instinctual sense that you are about to witness the first stage of a failure so epic, so mountainous, that books will be written, documentaries will be screened, and innocent children will almost certainly die.

Well its back.

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If it continues at this quality I'll be well happy to whore myself across to GT.


Gamespot's feed is up as well. Showing some MW2 DLC footage. Pretty good sound quality. Video quality not so much.


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