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Microsoft E3 Conference 2010


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It's really quite creepy/weird isn't it? It started out looking okay (for a CG tiger), but by the end of the vid where it's making gooey eyes at the screen it just looks... wrong.

My 10 year old daughter wants it. I think that's the point.

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I tell you what I don't get. That Star Wars game. It looks shit, graphically. Almost every other Kinect game demo'd used Avatars for characters, so why not use them in the Star Wars game?

Because it's Star Wars? Then use the Avatar costumes that are already available on the Avatar marketplace to dress them up!! Does this not make sense?! I can't help think that it would look a teeny bit better and be more of a draw seeing your Avatar kicking arse with the force than some random Jedi.

But then again the whole game looked a bit shit. And I fucking loved Star Wars TFU.



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Can't be bothered looking back for the quote, but whoever said the PS3 Slim looks cheap and tacky has to be blind. Or a fanboy.

It is absolutely hideous. It looks like someone rubbed dust onto the original console, then flattened it and replaced all the touch sensitive buttons with these ugly things that don't go with the console. It looks like a cheaper version of the nice looking original model and that's exactly what it is.

I'll stick with my original model thanks. Not only does it play PS2 games but it doesn't offend the eyes either.

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