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Mario Kart 3DS


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I haven't played this in a week so went on it again tonight and I can't believe they haven't fixed the wuhu island/mountain exploit yet. Like 50% or more people pick that course and it's ALWAYS the Japanese players that exploit it, what's with that? Awful stuff, going from 1st/2nd to like 6th with no one overtaking me. Would be OK if I wasn't playing this course >50% of the time, sigh.

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The mushroom boost into the water just after the 2nd lot of power ups. This ends up with you being fished out of the water about 15 seconds in front of everyone else.

Can't see then fixing that without recalling and replacing cartridges.

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Well, if it's an exploit everybody can use it doesn't matter that much, does it? In a few years we'll remember that as a funny glitch that gave the game character.

The fact that the fence is all the way around apart from that one tiny area makes me wonder whether it's been left there deliberately.

What track is this?

About five posts up.

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I'll need to check it out, but if there's a gap in the fence then it does suggest that it's deliberate.

Deliberate to be knocked/fall in the water - yes.

Deliberate to turn around, turbo boost in to the water and get fished out missing most of the 1st and 2nd part of the map - unlikely.

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There aren't laps on that course, it's split into three sections and in that video the guy appears to go from the first to the third missing the section completely.

You know what I mean. It cuts the second section in half. It clearly doesn't miss the section completely because the time shows up as 18 seconds or whatever for that section.

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They're pretty close power-wise. I worked on a project this year, 3DS was our main format with a Wii port being derived from it.

Now that I know this, I won't be satisfied until I can get a ginormo SD card with the entire Nintendo console and handheld back catalogue on it.

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My code is


ill be going through adding people :-)

sorry for formatting on phone!

Right! I've spammed on twitter as well (@suekitchen) so if you saw my code on there hit me with a reply, otherwise I've just added this bunch of fine people so get me back :-)












Lyrical Donut

Great King Bowser



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