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Tomb Raider (2013)


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Check out that lovely photoshop drip brush on the upper arms that are clearly mirrored :facepalm: since when do you get blood drips like that on the skin anyway?

Preorder cancelled!

It's interesting that the most objectionable thing you can find in that picture is the mirrored blood drops (which do look bad, if that is an applied splatter it's too specifically shaped to be reused). Surely whatever the fuck is going on in her hands is much worse though. It looks like she's trying to furtively slice a sausage. Perhaps that is what she's doing and it's a gameplay mechanic.

I'm glad that Lara looks like a real person, something they've been promising since Tomb Raider 2, although the screen shots make it look a bit more like Siren than a Tomb Raider game. I wonder why, when you are going to release your first in game screenshots, you would release ones with sausage hands and floating skulls rather than, say, Lara climbing a cliff face or something which would scream Tomb Raider.

It still sounds very interesting from all they said about it, it's just that this round of pictures don't necessarily scream out what this iteration is all about except 'dark'.

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Capwn is clearly on his pathetic quest to hit 10k posts before new year, which means we're left with a bunch of shit posts. Yay.

Don't worry, I'll make an entire thread for just that and devote it to you.

9900!! 100 more posts to go!

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  • 2 months later...

I know this isn't specifically the thread for it but I thought people might be interested in some quick impressions of the PS3 Trilogy pack given that it's out but hasn't received much in the way of coverage.

Legend looks rather ropey. Performance feels off, like the game's constantly bumbling around the 25fps mark, and I'm sure it's running far below 720p. Assets wise it's the same as the 360 version, it's just a shame it seems to have inherited the performance issues and sub-HD resolution as well.

Anniversary seems to fair better, baring in mind I only nipped into the Croft manor so far. At a glance I'd say the game is running at 720p, although performance is still a bit shaky. I'm fairly sure it features some extra graphical sheen over even the PC version, namely in the form of shadows, although I'm going off memory.

Based off a quick dive into the first level Underworld is Underworld. It's a simple repacking of the existing standalone game.

Oh, in a bid to have this post bear a bit more relevance to this thread the disk doesn't appear to house a trailer for the new instalment or anything like that. It's possible unlocking all of the Trophies in the three games could lead to something, as with the Sly Collection, but based on the menu it doesn't look like the hooks are there for such an unlock.

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Yeah, I was quite disappointed with the HD trilogy. Legend appears to be a rather poor upscale of the PS2 version rather than a port of the fine 360 or PC versions. Anniversary to me looks a bit too blown out and 'highlighty', but that's probably because I'm used to the somewhat flat look of the PC.

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I'm really looking forward to this :) I just recently polished off the last of the DLC for Underworld (both of which were a bit flat and lacking in puzzles to be honest). I'm just happy knowing that the TR franchise isn't dead!

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Complete scans

15uq4.jpg 26urt.jpg

3hu0k.jpg 4hnj2.jpg

5cuo4.jpg 6lnqa.jpg

7yu5f.jpg 8su7v.jpg

Translated text

Forget about the perfect athlete with impossible anatomy. This Lara Croft is human, she bleeds and suffers a whole lot. But she's decided to fight for survival. The brand new Tomb Raider will be released for PS3 and 360 in a yet to be

announced date but, until it arrives, we can tell you about all the details in this EPIC adventure.

GET USED to see fear and pain in Lara's face. Her expresions and even the camera

movements have been generated using motion capture.

Chest: Ninety-Five, Waist: Fifty-five, Hips: Eighty Five. Those were Lara's "official" measures when the classic Tomb Raider was released in 1996. By then, that adventure astonished PlayStation and Saturn users because of its open nature, its well-measured mixture of puzzles, shooting and platforming... but mainly because of the main character: she was an aristocrat, with an awesome body, she spoke several languages and you can bet that Jackie Chan would like to share some of her ability to perform acrobatics. The arrival of such a character was a revolution in a scene which was used to nice jumping plumbers or supersonic hedgehogs. But years have passed and the sensation of wear-off, of abusing the formula "hot girl with guns" has become quite evident. The guys at Eidos, responsible of the franchise, have tried several makeovers: making a more sinister Lara, using flashbacks to show her first adventures... But now they have decided to renew from bottom up. The main story, development and even the main character will re-start from scratch in the next game, which will be called just Tomb Raider.

WE HAVE TRAVELLED TO SAN FRANCISCO, to the headquarters of Crystal Dynamics, creators of this new adventure. Just about a dozen of journalists from all over the world were allowed to witness, in the most absolute secrecy, the details of the new title. Karl Stewart, the franchise's director, took us on a trip around the studios and told us about their intentions. "As time went by, Lara was becoming a cartoon, somebody too unrealistic. The one we are crafting right now is human, more vulnerable", he taught us. "She's going to suffer from terrible wounds, both physical and emotional". To break up completely with the old games, the new Lara Croft is just a teenage just out of the University. Her academic past has made her become a rational and analitic young lady, but with a passion for adventure and archeology. On her first expedition, she enroles in a ship called Endurance, which sinks next to an island close to the coast of Japan. From among all the crew in the ship, only she seems to have survived. ¿Didn't you want action, Lara? ¡Have two cups!

THE FIRST MISSION we could witness, in fact, couldn't be more perplexing: After the shipwreck, Lara wakes up tied up and hanging upside down in a dark cave, having no idea about how she got to that situation. The first thing is getting out of there. The solution to this task already shows the new spirit of this game: to release her from her captivity: we have to hurt Lara. Making her swing, we have to make her approach a torch to put her on fire. That way, her ties will burn and she will be released, but at the same time she gets burn as well. You see: you have to make her have a bad time to get out of the situation. But the problems haven't ended. Just after getting released, Lara falls over a bar of iron which punctures her in her side. With the face deformed by the pain, the young girl has to put it out rudely. We help her pressing a button as quickly as possible, in one of the common activities in this game: quick time events. While we are looking for an exit to the game we find an intriguing altar...

HELPING HANDS and the game interface will be kept to a minimum, even though the game will show which can be burnt or which buttons to press in Quicktime events.

... which makes something clear: there's somebody else in the island and doesn't seem to have good intentions. Everything points that Lara was going to be part of some kind of ritual by somebody whose noises can be heard from the deepest end of the cave...

PUZZLES have the main role in the next section. We have to use ramps, the water current or a rudimentary lift to carry some boxes set in fire to a small magazine and make it explode, which leaves a clear path to advance... but also causes the cave to collapse. Desperate while land and stones fall all around her, Lara tries to find a hole to escape. There it is, a little hole upwards shows light from the outside. In this moment a distressing quicktime event begins, in which we have to press the right buttons for Lara to get to salvation. While we keep advancing, the screens gets filled with mud to the point we can barely see anything, the music goes crescendo and Lara shouts agonicly until we... get out of the cave! Then, the gasping heroine looks at the landscape which unfolds in front of her: a huge island plagued with wrecked ships and lush jungles. Now the true adventure begins.

THE MAIN GAMEPLAY wants to break away from a fixed system of levels as found in the previous installments of the franchise. We will always be on the island, but from the mian hub we able to climb, jump or investigate to find new areas. Then, will this game be some kind of sand box? "This isn't a Grand Theft Auto or an Assassin's Creed of sorts", makes clear Stewart, "but we want to suggest the idea that Lara is in an open environment". In fact, at the beginning of the adventure, Lara will have little abilities and, therefore, we won't be able to advance in most directions, but step by step we will be gathering tools and enhacing Lara's abilities so there will be more to explore. To make us aquainted to the new location, Karl show us another mission: several days after what we just seen, Lara finds Conrad Roth alive. Conrad Roth is the expedition leader, and is considered some kind of a menthor by Lara ...

THE CENTRAL area in the island will serve as the main headquarters. In the

main camp [up] we'll be able to "buy" abilities, make new tools or get back

to missions we have already finished. The remaining of this area will be used to climb or search for new missions.

"- I can't bear this - I'm not that kind of Croft. - Yes, you are, but you just haven't found out!" Roth cheers up Lara.

... Roth is an old dog who ain't afraid of challenge. He's always up to a new adventure. He has been left wounded after a fight with a group of wolves, so he commands Lara to go finding a med-kit and a transmitter he lost in a nearby cave. To get to that new zone, Lara has to make good use of her abilities. First we have to do some jumping. This time our heroine won't just "stick" magically to the closest ledge, but we'll have to maneuver while she's jumping. Althought it may seem more complicated than in previous installments, this will serve us well to modify our trajectory mid-jump to reach other zones.

THE SURVIVAL INSTICT will be other trick under Ms. Croft's sleeve. By pressing a button we'll activate a special view which will put a different colour to "interesting" elements in the environment: the background and non relevant objects will be shown in shades of grey and the clues in yellow. That way we'll be able to follow traces normally invisible to the eye, for example the footprints of the wolves which will lead us to where they have left the med-kit. When we reach that zone, one of those animals attacks us. This time Lara isn't that super-archeologist who can kill ...

PUZZLES will be more complex than in previous installments. They won't be just about observing the environment, but about thinking about how water and fire interact,

the importance of gravity, explosives...

THE CAMERA will use innovative framing to add to the sensations of anguish or claustrophobia. To its aid, a renewed graphic engine Crystal Engine, used in TR Legend.

"I'm so sorry, but this was a mere matter of survival: it was either you or me" Lara apologizes at the first wolf she kills

... dinosaurs without loosing her hairdo, so the fight with the wolf is dirty and violent. Lara, terrified, finishes her adversary with a stroke of luck. That duel is also resolved using quicktime events, but Karl has told us that we'll also have "common" fights and shooting scenes, in which we'll have to aim ourselves. For the moment, only a few weapons have been officially confirmed: a bow and arrows, a pistol, and a pick we'll be able to use to climb and defend ourselves. As we advance in the game we'll discover new weapons and possibilities for the girl.

LARA WILL LEARN step by step and that will show in her emotions. It's somewhat shoking to witness how the yesteryear's unbreakable Lara is now just a girl which shows terror and doubt about what's to come and even sometimes talks to herself to convince herself that's she'll be able to keep advancing. She get's afraid, looks around, touches the walls to lean on... "Yesteryear's Lara didn't seem to care about what..."

ROTH is this old adventurer. He'll we some kind of a mentor for Lara, but she'll have to help him as well to get away from this one!

Influences: Many games have been taken as an influence in different degrees during the conception of this new Tomb Raider:

Physics from Half Life 2 - The usage of gravity or water currents was already explored in this classic game. Here such concepts will be put to use with boxes and barrels.

Atmosphere of Uncharted - Nathan's soliloquies will be "imited" by Lara, as well as the extreme situations for the main character.

The "vision" of Assassin's Creed - Ezio's Eagle Sight isolates different objectives using colours. Lara will be able of something simmilar using her Instinct of Survival.

The Origins of Batman Begins - The first act in the film showed the hard path of Bruth Wayne to become Batman. That "hero's journey" will guide the first steps of Lara.

The suffering of 127 Hours - In that movie, the main character has to punish his body so hard to survive. The most famous scene in the film inspired the guys at Crystal Dynamics to force Lara's resistance to the limit.

The mysteries of Lost - Extrange wrecked ships? An island long lost in the middle of the sea and full of mysteries? The influences of the plot of Lost has been aknowledged by the developers. Will there be polar bears? "... happened around her, but now we want to make believable the fact that she's in the world, and that she connects with it", says Karl.

THE PROJECT IS AMBITIOUS AND RISKY. It's still in a very early stage of development, but it's clear that it's a superproduction, with the goal of putting Lara again in the Throne of videogames (if this title is successful, more will come in which Lara will get even more mature). We'll finish the article with a little story. From among the journalists invited to the event, a nice Russian chap asked: "if the old Lara would meet the new version, what would she tell her?". Karl, quite suprised, smiled and answered "most likely she would just tell her "you will become a legend"". We can't wait to accompany her in this transformation.




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See my issue with Tomb Raider is Lara Croft has never been a particularly compelling or interesting character once you take away the fact she was the first main female protagonist in games. The fact they're listing Uncharted as a source of inspiration is both a good sign and ridiculously ironic; the student becomes the master!

Hopefully they will make the story more intriguing this time round.

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More scans and info. (from French magazine - Consoles+)

page1kwzmvi.jpg page3fjdkt2.jpg page4omuj43.jpg page5eknm2i.jpg page6b1kom.jpg page7z7kde.jpg page8h3m5c.jpg

- The adventure is divided into 3 big "episodes", each one corresponding to a part of Lara's transformation into an adventurer : survive, rescue, run away.

- The article insists on the fact that the game engine uses the laws of gravity, of centrifugal force... To allow Lara to go through her obstacles.

- The transition between cinematics and game is almost invisible.

- The grief of Lara is accentuated by some effects like close-to-face cameras, on-screen blur (flou, in french)

- Lara's changing through the game. She will evolve from a young inexperienced woman to an adventurer. It will be apparent on her equipment (the article says that it might be possible to see her double pistols back), for example.

- The "survival instinct" which makes some elements of the world shine to help the player cans only be used when Lara doesn't move.

- There are many ways to solve puzzles, and sometimes you have to try again and again as laws of physics are random.

- Buddha statues are visible through the game... Although they think these are save points, their exact role is unknown for now.

- Some elements of the world fall when Lara stand too long on them.

And a wallpaper...



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More scans and info.

14mow.jpg 25k6d.jpg 388n7.jpg 4r8ga.jpg 5uj4v.jpg 6bjq3.jpg 7xm56.jpg

Info from Gameplay Magazine (scans are out, but no new pics)

A lovely Californian spring-sun shines above the futuristic thechnology park of Redwood City, close to San Francisco. We are in the mini-mekka of the American computer industry, with the head quarters of Electronic Arts, Trion Worlds (Rift) and software-giant Oracle Corporation being only a short distance away. `This is the reason why we moved here from the suburbs of Redwood´, a cheerful Karl Stewart, global brand director of Crystal Dynamics, tells us. ´In this hypermodern work-meets-play environment, the guys and girls at Crystal really are experiencing The American Developer´s Dream. On top of that, they are able to grope the most well-known female icon ever.´ Cleaning teams work 24/7 to get rid of the never ending stream of drool that streams into the direction of the Pacific Ocean.

We stare at a completely filled trophy cabinet. While our jaws drops onto the carpet, a beaming Stewart starts to talk again. `We had to move half of our awards to the basement. At least now, we have room for the ones that the new Tomb Raider hopefully will earn us.´ Looking at Crystal´s impressive record, we understand why they are so convinced of their abilities. The corridors (of the building) exhale (a manner of speaking) nearly 20 years of gaming history, from the faded platform glory Gex to the cult hit Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and to the appreciated Tomb Raider rescue plan (Legend, Anniversary and Underworld) after the Angel of Darkness debacle in 2003. When we enter the press hall for the live demo, a 60-inch screen cordially greets us, but rather soon we are hit by an unpleasant cold shower: the promised cart-load of brand new material is nearly absent: Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix/Eidos have clearly aimed for E3 in June, and therefore the demo shows the identical introduction level that we had already covered in our February issue. Have we then crossed nearly half of the globe for nothing? Of course not. Sparsely, the developers start to reveal more about the new Tomb Raider-features, and besides, this is the only way to see and hear the new Lara from so close that we can almost taste her.


Lara´s rebirth is part of a total franchise reboot, comparable with Batman Begins or Casino Royale. Faithful to the fundamentals of the series, yet with enough freedom to walk on a new path of life. The alternative origin story introduces a just-graduated 21 year old Lara Croft. Her burning ambition as an archeologist places her together with her mentor captain Roth on board of the salvage ship Endurance. She sets sail towards the Japanese coast, until a tsunami decides otherwise for them and drags them on the shore of a mysterious island. Lara is no longer the ´Teflon Beauty´ that we know from the previous games, but a human and above all realistic woman. This realism also shows in the gameplay, that has an apparent survival/action vibe and a skill-and salvage system, and introduces new camera options (always has been tricky issue throughout the series). This new dynamic, at times cinematic camera always leaves a strong impression. Clear environmental shots and sometimes artsy camera positions draw the player completely into the survival action. Well-timed bullet time effects let Lara dive away from falling rocks at the last possible moment (through quick-time events). If you mash the buttons too late, she will plummet to her death onto mother earth, followed by a horrible scream that silences everybody in the room, caught by surprise. The hairs on our arms rise towards the ceiling. Lara shivers, moans and cries just like... right, every 20 year old in the same perilous situation. The ego of the invincible hero fades away, together with her new voice. The confident voice of Keeley Hawes has made place for a clearly younger one. Her fragile mezzo soprano underlines the hystery of a young gal in such a situation, which we have to get used to. Hopefully this cry buoy (manner of speaking) won´t scare the average gamer away. Studio boss Darrell Gallagher clarifies: ´At the moment we are still casting Lara´s new voice actress. What you just heard, was a ´placeholder voice´, but it could very well be the final voice. We´re not sure about that yet. There are a dozen actresses battling for Lara´s vocal cords.´


When we take a peek underneath the bonnet, we discover Crystal´s own CDC engine, which can also be admired at the end of August in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The engine guarantees truly remarkably detailed visuals. The detail of the textures and lighting are to lick both thumbs and fingers for (manner of speaking, lol). The physics engine is also fully home made and has clearly taken a lead when it comes to puzzle solving (the many obstacles that Lara needs to conquer). In this early stage however, the physics don´t really take into account Newton´s laws, especially during the cutscenes. This is visible in unrealistic antics of Lara´s wild hair (in stead of the braid), among other things. ´Due to a bad balance between the hand-animated ingame footage and the mocapped cutscenes,` Gallagher excuses himself. Vast plains of the environment feel detailed and dark. Even though the level design of the island suggest a semi-open world, a complete open world wouldn´t have offered enough room for the linear storyline that Crystal Dynamics want to draw the player in with. In total, the story line will contain at least 8 to 10 hours of Tomb Raider pleasure, a number that you can easily increase to 15 if you want to search every nook and cranny of the island.



It almost seems like an impossible task to transform the semi-divine pop icon of Lara into a fragile woman of flesh, blood and emotion. What led you to do this?

Darrell Gallagher: When we finished the Tomb Raider trilogy, we finally had the time to search for new directions. We weren´t happy with the track that Lara was on. She became predictable, even in the way that she almost became a caricature of herself. A sort of rebirth was necessary in order to counter the predictability of the Tomb Raider franchise. We are actually treating the game as a new IP (Intellectual Property, which suggests a total reboot without taking into account any predecessors), that´s why we didn´t add a subtitle nor the number 9. We traded her ´larger than life´ appearance for a mortal and especially relatable individual. Lara should be the type of girl that you would dare to ask out on a friday night. (laughs)

Noah Hughes: To make Lara confront with extreme basic fear like being afraid of heights and claustrophobia, we make her more human aspects come up. Ofcourse she isn't afraid of heights in the real way but we put her in a situation with a huge abyss that even the player has to swallow by the look of these deep pits.

Karl Stewart: The iconic status of "old Lara" will never disappear, our vision is based on how human en believable we make the character in the evolution on a hostel world.

On which way are you letting her evolve in the feared babe with balls? Cause the reboot shows a really young Lara.

Noah Hughes: De dangers en challenges in her journey are going to have effect on her life as a Tomb Raider. By making her confront with life threatening situations we slowly make her into the Lara we all know. We create her surviving skills by giving her fysical tests to survive. Lara may be very limber natural but she isn't a olympic medal winner from the start. By giving her skill points as you play through the game her acrobatics and jump and grab moves will improve.

What characteristics didn't she lose?

Darrell Gallagher: We let her core the way it was to create an believable and deep emotional individual. The traumatic feeling of her first kill we want to project to the experience of the player. Storywise there aren't any direct connections with future Lara. We haven't touched much of her past, she 's still an high ambitions young lady with a british accent.

How is this gonna work out with the Gameplay?

Karl Stewart: All gameplay elements have been looked by with survival glasses without losing the action/adventure core. Lara has to face Life threatening situations.

She isn't going to search for berries or pie in a mug (Laughs). We want to create a survival simulator.

Noah Hughes: We not only rip Lara out of her comfort zone but push her out of the border of her fysical knowing.

Darrel Gallagher: We defiantly have to forget the improved movement flexibility. Before scripted events and an far jump was enough to reach the ledge. Now you can air steer her at any time and even speed it up or slow it down. Next to that the CDC engine is capable to manipulate the gameworld by intuitive physics puzzles. We will reward people for finding a different way to solve a puzzle. The time of pulling switches and searching for wells is history.

How does the survival touch the difficult level of the game?

Darrel Gallagher: Finding a good balans in the game isn't easy. We want to speak to a large audience and we're testing it a lot for the playability. The skill Survival Instinct for example will be a big helpbutton so you can find easy to manipulate objects and quest objectives. You can compare it with the Batman Arkham Asylum game. Although you can only use it when you're standing still. Next to this tooltips will make you aware of usable objects in you're environment, like flammable cloths in combination with your flaming torch.

Noah Hughes: injuries on Lara will have effect on the way the game plays. Lara will hop, hobble, and with fear she will try to stop the blood from streaming.

Backtracking is made interesting through the fasttravel option in a instant you can travel from camp to camp, only on the condition that they have all ready been discovered of course. During so you will occasionally get in front of a closed door or are still not physically able or leap a Certain distance. Some levels later you feel you than have a key or you have invested in a better leap technique.

It is not the first time we have seen a vulnerable Lara croft. In Tomb Raider The Last Revelation we already witnessed a 16-year-old, twin pigtails, cute Lara Croft.

Through the new salvage option you can find items to break, gaining basic components and new improvised weapons.

Medkits help you heal, but we also have more drastic solutions like leeches also in store, you need to eat and drink at certain times during the game to survive, this can be sorted by hunting.

GAMEPLAY:Yet there was not an ounce of combat in sight during the demo session, while all the time she was wearing a bow and a quiver ideal for a hunting party

DARREL GALLAGHER: That's because we have the old auto-aim approach and replaced it with a free-aim system, but that is not yet perfect. We have put much effort into the combat, and we hope you will witness examples in the course of the following month (ie E3).

GAMEPLAY: Lara must not only overcome the mysterious island but also their are people who want to drink her blood. What's the story behind the island and what about the variety of enemies?

KARL STEWART: In the future, we will learn more about the island. Now the main challenge is the feeling of isolation in an unfamiliar, hostile environment. As time progresses and evolves Lara, insist there are other mysteries. Like the cliff with all the shipwrecks from different time periods.

NOAH HUGHES: It is about the challenges of the island across that Lara comes across. The fate of her and the island are intertwined.

KARL STEWART: (pause), but first she will have to survive in the jungle avoiding the likes of bloodthirsty wolves.

GAMEPLAY: There is a long time the rumor that Tomb Raider multiplayer and co-op will be featured. anything to say about that?

KARL STEWART: Not yet (laughs)

GAMEPLAY: The dark undertone of the soundtrack and sound effects break in style from the previous games. What is the reboot content of the musical score?

NOAH HUGHES: Music and sound effects are a subtle but very important emotion and action amplifier. Tomb Raider will still contain the powerful orchestral arrangements, but we use Yahoo's new character evolution, for example, introducing dark piano music. You can actually say that the musical score fits lara's physical and emotional journey through the islands journey.

GAMEPLAY: Who is the composer of the soundtrack?

KARL STEWART: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, is doing the score of the trailer, but the official composer we can not confirm.

Production GK films (Gangs of New York, the tourist) translates reboot to the big screen. In 2013, a new tomb raider with a young Lara. how are you working with GK?

Karl Stewart: It is known to cast a young Lara Croft, but it is not our purpose to make her the live lara. actually we do not planning to promote a live Lara for this game. GK films can make entirely its own thing with the reboot and if it needs advice they know where we live.

GAMEPLAY: Will Lara still has her two greatest assets? By that I mean her dual pistols.

NOAH HUGHES: Who knows? (Laughs)

Thanks for this extensive interview. It was a pleasure!

The Tomb Raider franchise after years of growing pains seems to finally be moving to adulthood. Where unnatural sales figures fattened, Lara Croft has finally evolved into a credible and evocative female role model. Fans are already very enthusiastic about the new direction the game strikes. The current release date balances between late 2011 and early 2010. E3 at the beginning of June will bring more Raider news.


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