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Post Season 21 - Pre Season 22


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Here are the starting settings I picked (almost) at random:

A Challenge may only be made 5 positions above your current position

When you first join the ladder, you may challenge anyone

A Successful Challenge is when the challenger wins or draws the game

After a Successful Challenge the players swap positions

A Challenge must be played within 5 days

A Challenge reminder will be sent out 3 days after a Challenge being made

Challenges have 2 days grace before they will be automatically updated

Feel free to comment / pick holes in / give a hearty cheer / blank me / scowl / smile.

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Still planning on some dream team shenanigans, as long as there is still interest? Can you drop a post in here if your up for it?

And then given that there is enough interest II will try and knock together some rules for team picking, how do put it a team together tonight. There will be a sliding scale for spending, with the better players working with smaller budgets.


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