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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike


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Eventhubs interviewed Ono recently and he talked a bit about SF3. :) It says that SF3's more technical play was a deliberate move, but Capcom wasn't sure about such high-level gameplay, which led to the more accessible SF4.

Confirmation at last that SF4's accessibility killed Street Fighter / SF3's depth killed Street Fighter / Ono killed Street Fighter / jumping backwards is a legit strategy

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Gutter Trash 7 is confirmed for 15th October. I'll be in attendance with our Dave. @Singho you going again?


They're holding it at a new venue called Violent City, in lieu of Heart of Gaming closing for re-location*. You should definitely check that place out if you're in the area. They have various weeklies on. It's still London (N4 1DN)


And here's an East vs West from Game Spot Versus arcade in Tokyo



*They recently announced the new location as West 12 shopping centre in Shepherds Bush.

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To be honest, we’ve discussed getting out of the arcade business entirely. We don’t make a lot of profit on them, and game centers don’t seem to want them anymore. Some at Capcom have suggested shifting our entire business to home console games.

But if we did that, the entire arcade industry would fall apart. I feel I can say that with confidence.

If (hypothetically speaking) we went under, all you would have left are those big, simplistic arcade machines, and video games in arcades would soon die out. Without new video games, many game centers would close, and the market would become absolutely dominated by those big machines. All that would remain of game centers would be “amusement park”-like spaces, and perhaps the corners of bowling alleys… it’s a bleak picture of stagnation.

When I consider that, it actually reinforces our decision to stay in this market. And of course we love arcades, after all…




That’s why I want to say this to operators today: in these difficult business times we find ourselves in, don’t just focus on short-term gains and what’s immediately in front of you! Please think about the long-term health of this industry.



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You can play it on pretty much any PC made in the last 10 years on Fightcade. I'd happily play a few games with anyone else who doesn't know how to play - the regulars on there are way too good for me :-)

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Gutter Trash 7 is next month at Violent City.


Saturday 15th Singles & 3on3 tournaments.


Will be open friday for casuals as well.


In other news, Paris' Arcade Street is closing. A mecca for some of Europe's strongest 3S manz.

I'm hoping they organise something else to keep their scene going.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Gutter Trash Vol.7 - Team Tournament


[Divine 3S] Halrey(OR), 3J(MA), Rakurai(YU)
[Blood Bath Baristas] Cyrox(YU), Z3rog(KE), Filipfjaza(RY)
[From Paris with Love] Otana(UR), Niabahn(MA), Nighty(KE)
[Blue Steele] Deemo(DU), Crime-Inal(IB), Makaveli(GO)
[Que des Ouf] Crhk(DU), Blackoune(YA), kupo*3(MA)
[Team MounB] MounB(CH), Kyrst(AL), XPOWASPA(??)
[BUCETEAM] Hellscream(DU), Kazzual(GO), Feureus(HU)
[Beard, Beard & Son] DB|Shadow(DU), DB|Singho(OR), DB|Willei(RE)
[3Bae] Cactu(EL), Nunchuckuchan(MA), Miso(12)
[British Gassed] Farhan(UR), Gasman(YA), Bongo(MA)

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  • 2 weeks later...

So with 12 days left, the HoG has managed just 3% (£2457) of their £90k goal. I wonder if he'll still open if he can't secure this money?


Anyway. Some 2009 3rd Strike action:



Boss(YU), KO(YA)
Pierrot(RE), Yakkun(YU)
PinoAB7(NE), Thanatos(OR)
Yuki Otoko(GO), Uraken(GO)
Namijin(RY), Eda(DU)
Matsuken(KE), Aiku(DU)
MOV(CH), Takayuki(CH)
Vanao(RY), Genki(AL)
Nikukyuu(YA), Xiao(IB)
Mester(YU), KSK(AL)
Pistachio(12), Georgia(RY)
YSB(HU), Sugiyama(NE)
RX(UR), Roshihikari(YA)
Rikimaru(CH), Ochibi(YU)
Nitto(YU), Ma Junior(CH)

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