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This looks incredible, but to steal players from COD they need to release an amazing MP beta/demo, get all the cod-heads salivating.

This needs to bury Activision's moribund shooter.

Please no! I thank Activision everyday for keeping those numpties out of Battlefield with their distracting camp/cheatfest.

Really looking forward to this, it's going to be a long wait to Q4!

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God, i'm so moist for this. I even checked to make sure i still have my old BF2 joystick when i seen this topic pop up.

I'll be digging out my old Crimson Skies + BF1942 joystick. :eyebrows:

Shit that we've got to wait the best part of a year after they've teased us like this. I'm going to have to buy MoH for this beta.

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Looks awesome :)

No mods and that guy sounds iffy about the Commander role, but I hope they work it in somehow or at least give squad leaders more powers. I understand most people just want to shoot things but when you had a good player in that role it really added to the game IMO.

Also great that prone is back - I think BC1+2 worked fine without it, but if there's bigger maps it will be nice laying in some grass marking targets for planes again. Not that always being hit by unseen snipers is fun of course. Maybe if they had a more specialised role or something you wouldn't get nearly full teams of snipers sat behind rocks like in BC2 Rush.

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I dont like this 'aiming for Q4 2011 release' bit... can easily see this slipping into Q1 2012, given just how prone games like this are to release date slippage.:(

PC's are going to get raped. I think I will definitely need new processor and graphics card.

You'll certainly need a fast Quad Core CPU as minimum, given all the physics calculations that will go with all that scenery destruction, as for GFX card who knows.. :blink:

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am i the only onew thinking that this will scale massivly on PC for the simple reason that its going to consoles aswell? surely if they can run it on hardware from 05, they can run on midrange pcs now! ive onlg gt a dual core 3ghz a gtx 260, and bfbc2 absolutly flies with all the bells and whistles turneed on! heres hoping they make a stonking looking game that runs great ! :)

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Yeah, that's exactly it. This is leading on PC according to Dice (as is Crysis 2, according to Crytek) so you can expect it to make use of the very best hardware out there whilst still scaling to lesser hardware. God bless underpowered consoles!

I'm so buying a new graphics card for this. Well, this and Crysis 2 and Deus Ex 2 etc. I've got a 5870 now which is still doing the business, but I'm sure I'll want a bit more power when these start coming out.

Seb's wrong, it'll scale down as well as BFBC2 I imagine. It'll just have a lot of extra settings available to people with high end stuff.

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As far as I know, BC2 uses Frostbite 1.5 for destructible buildings and stuff. I'm fairly sure it doesn't uses Physx at all. I haven't heard about Battlefield 3 beyond it using Frostbite 2.0 instead but I honestly can't see them using a radically different solution. Also, it won't screw over ATI players.

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  • 2 weeks later...

New info and scans from Gamestar

The worldwide interest in Battlefield 3 is very high so I made a summary of the most important information of the GameStar cover story (Issue 04/2011). First of all let me start with a comparison to the article Matt Bertz wrote for GameInformer. German editor Fabian Siegismund also played the demo level but describes it in another way and gives more detail to the destruction. Here is an example: when the huge building collapses during the earthquake it buries and destroys a Blackhawk helicopter. Patrick Bach says that debris can hurt characters. Important here: we are talking about the singleplayer. Not tested or confirmed for the multiplayer (Bach: "We'll see")!

Talking about the multiplayer the text contains a short summary about the multiplayer aspects editor Siegismund was able to see. I’ll give you that aspects in form of a list.

* Most important fact but most likely a typo or mistake: 32 24 players for the console.

* At a screen there were four classes with five slots for equipment. No further word about the details of the equipment is given

* Siegismund says that he has seen a F-16 and a Su-27 Jet. Important here: there is a render / picture at the article that shows a F-18 Super Hornet and not a F-16. Don’t know if this means the existence of both jets or a typo.

* Siegesmund talks about a “Replay-Function which was also included in Battlefield 2”. In our opinion he is talking about the Battlerecorder (as a function to replay whole games). His statement concerning this function: “DICE is playing around with a feasible version for BF3”. The function is not confirmed.

* Sound: DICE is working with a revised system for the sound that enables players to detect from where a vehicle or enemy soldier is coming. Every object (aka tank, helicopter) has up to 80 soundchannels with different sounds from different angles.

* Singleplayer: there will be Quicktime-Events where you have to push the mouse buttons to win a fight. The example here: an enemy tries to stab you with a knife and you have to defend you (knock him down / kill him).

* One of the player models has a tattoo at the right forearm (SP possibly). Looks really cool.

* The M16 at Page 22 has no notch and is adjusted to semi fire.

That’s it for now. I may add some aspects (SP) later but I wanted to get the news out quickly.










Finally, a gameplay trailer might be released later today so keep an eye out for that. :)

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* One of the player models has a tattoo at the right forearm (SP possibly). Looks really cool.

I don't want to become one of those eternal cynics that shits on anything new, regardless of it's merit, but when we've reached a point where items such as this are of worthy of note, I think we've got lost in the hype machine.

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Gameplay Debut Trailer


Pre-Order Details.

Pre-order Battlefield 3 to receive the digital expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand at no extra charge! This themed multiplayer expansion pack includes four legendary maps from Battlefield 2 boldly re-imagined with Frostbite™ 2 physics, destruction and visuals. Completing the package are classic Battlefield 2 weapons and vehicles, unique rewards, new achievements/trophies, and more. Players anxious to start the fight can pre-order the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition now. Pre-order while supplies last.



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Nothing like tearing something down based on 42 seconds worth of heavily chopped together footage, half of which is the logo for the game.

Actually there is. Getting excited about a game based on 42 seconds worth of heavily chopped together footage, half of which is the logo for the game.

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It's a good job we've got a big magazine feature to go on then, isn't it!

Yes, it is. A valid resource for both the lovers and the haters.

If that's sufficient material for you to show interest and roll your eyes at a cynic, it's sufficient material for someone else to show a lack of interest and roll their eyes at you. I understand there's a plague of hating early footage for the sake of it on these forums - and even a case of people mistaking a simple incompatibility of personal taste for a flawed product - but the 'opinion validity' meter swings both ways when we're looking at the same material.

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