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Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

The Sarge

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Thinking about this, and even being quite mediocre at it, this is easily top five of the generation for me. I have fourteen unplayed, or barely an hour put into them, games lined up as a backlog, and all I can see me wanting to play is this until the sequel drops.

Very glad I got back into it at exactly the right time. I may even attempt a pyromancer tomorrow, starting over again (although I will complete with current character, I have Demon's Ruins/Lost Izalith/Tomb of Giants/Endgame to do) with the knowledge and improved skill I've acquired. Uchi style build, with speed instead of power, constantly under 25%.

May even make me buy Live once the first playthrough of DkS2 is done.

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loving this until:

77 hours in, level 106 and get to the end of the crystal caverns. Defeat the boss 1st time and then I go to the firelink altar to deposit the soul and I start to kneel down and then it sayd i've been disconnected from xbox live and the game stops.

When i try to carry on i reload at the point where I am kneeling at the alter and I cannot stand up, all the buttons are disabled I can only just move the camera.

Have rebooted and it's still the same. Aargh. Not sure I feel like starting again as there was only three or 4 areas to go.

I can still count this as a win right?

Had the stone armour and a big dark knight halberd which was something like +360 damage. I rocked. Until it bollocksed up that is.

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I can't do it. I can't beat Smashie and Nicey. I just... can't.

In the end, I summoned Solaire, and managed to kill off Ornstein, but just as I finished him, Smough hit me, taking me down to no Vitality, and then he zapped me literally as soon as the cutscene was over. I want to cry. Dark Souls has broken me.

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Start again and I bet you could get to the same point in a quarter of the time.

So true. I'd hit a bit of a wall with Seath, 4Kings and Magnus to go so I thought I'd start a new game just to see if I'd improved or if it was just my stats. 5 hours later and Capra has just gone down 2nd try (I got stuck against some rubble) and the Bell Gargoyles in 1 (which took me maybe 30 tries first time round).

I've been enjoying some Jolly Cooperation for the first time too, wiping out the Gargoyles 3 times before I moved on.

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But my only other option is the Taurus Demon :o

Beginner guide to Taurus Demon (and all enemies in Dark Souls) :

1. Shield up, slowly approach

2. When it attacks you, roll backwards. Two rolls sometimes appropriate.

3. Once attack has missed, press Y / triangle, run close, hit with RT/R2

4. Roll backwards, hit Y / triangle again

5. Repeat from step 1 until dead.

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Thanks for the offer, but I've just let my Live sub expire as part of pre-wedding savings... so if I'm going to do it, it'll have to be solo or not at all. It's really gutting, because I'd been flying from Capra onwards, but I've just a hit a wall.

Ornstein is weak against Fire damage and Smough against Lightning damage, so if you upgrade a decent weapon to fire or lightning, then kill one and save whoever you're weapon is good against for 2nd. The easiest way to kill them once in giant form is to kite them round the smashed pillars, lure them in to attack the pillar and then whack them while they are stunned. Don't get greedy and try to learn the signs for when they're winding up a big area attack (eg when smough flies in the air) - when this happens, stand well back. I found the Halberd normal attack is very good for this as you don't even have to drop your shield to prod at them and damage is good with the elemental boost.

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Even better guide to the demon: climb up the tower behind you. Drop onto his head and take off 1/4 of his life in one go. Repeat 3 more times.

Nah man, as that way you don't learn how to dodge, read animations and judge good attack opportunities.

So there. :P

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