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EDF: Insect Armageddon

The Sarge

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Teaser Trailer


The Earth Defense Force 2017, released on Xbox 360 back in March of 2007, was the videogame equivalent to a so-bad-it's-good horror movie. The visuals were bland, levels were uninspired, and the framerate was all over the place. And yet, we had an absolute blast fending off hordes of alien invaders with a friend. Despite its low-budget production values and bargain bin aesthetic, Earth Defense Force was a lot of fun. Today D3 Publisher announced a sequel called Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and this time it's coming to both the 360 and PlayStation 3.

Earth Defense Force is a cooperative arcade shooter that gets your blood flowing by throwing thousands of giant bugs at you. Over 150 weapons will help you to squash the invasion -- and the entire city of New Detroit thanks to the destructible environments. Now up to three players can battle through the campaign online (the first EDF only allowed for two). There will also be a Survival mode for six players.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon will be released next spring. It's being developed by Vicious Cycle, the studio behind the Matt Hazard games.





:omg: :OMG:

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Captured by them aliens. We have to rescue them! :omg:


Still, I'm a bit cautious now... This wouldn't be the first time another studio runs with a cult franchise and completely misses the point. Even worse, they might turn it into a 'proper' third person shooter...

God, let me be wrong.

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Please, Sandlot develop shit too, they're a budget developer, so are these new fellows.

Jetpacks are enough to have me hyped.

Even if every single thing Sandlot developed bar EDF *was* shit, (I doubt that is the case) they still developed EDF which is my favorite game on the 360. To put it mildly, I do not believe there are any 'Vicious Cycle' games that are close to that quality.

Now maybe this game will be great and recapture what made EDF so good, maybe. But what is certain is the odds of that happening were a lot higher under Sandlot than Vicious Cycle.

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EDF sequel! :omg:

Jetpacks! :omg:

Online co-op! :omg:

Three to six players! :omg:

Not developed by Sandlot! :huh:

I'm obviously very happy about a new EDF, but I want see more of the game before I allow myself to go totally apeshit over this news - the disappointment would be too much too handle. I would be happier with Sandlot developing, because if anything they've proven time and again that they make truly brilliant EDF games, but let's see what this new upstart makes of it.

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Look, presumably the people making this game played and enjoyed the first few, so they must know what people want and what they dont.

namely lots of insects which are stupidly easy to kill, robots called hector, an absurdly wide-ranging arsenal of which 95% of the weapons will never be used, men running about yelling incomprehensible stuff like "they've got one of our own" and at least 1 level devoted to destroying mecha-godzilla.

Not a huge checklist?

that said, if they make it so that any method of transport other than the diagonal roll is the fastest, heads will ROLL.

also the vehicles should be completely useless and uncontrollable, of course.

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