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The High-Res screenshots thread


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I've just re-entered the PC gaming fray with a new build, so I'm going to be showing up in this thread much more frequently from now on! My first batch are from a playthrough of the BFBC2 single player. I just set Fraps to capture screenshots automatically at regular intervals, and here are some of the results:










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i'd take a million shots of alice or that gta mod over another 10 millions pictures of the witcher farting about in the woods.

Ah now The Witcher looked great...until we had about a thousand images all from the first level :lol:

Nowhere else to put this really, so figured id put it here, but heres a video i made from the crysis maps i posted screens from on the previous page

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@pupponvesh, yeah i had actually gone out with the intent to take shots of building facades during the day, but then the sun went down as soon as i drove off :facepalm: Gonna try for a few proper daytime shots next time. Tho nightime shots i think make the lighting looks spectacular, definitely not dull and flat!!

Dimahoo, you trying to use icenhancer with the steam version? I posted a how to guide in the official GTAIV thread, if you need help, post there ill do what i can to help!

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Only the demo for Bastion, if it wasn't for Deus Ex next week it would have been an instant buy. It really is gorgeous, as usual stills don't do it justice and low quality Steam ones at that, wish we could increase the quality.








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