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The High-Res screenshots thread


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Mario Galaxy 2 in HD!


This was before I turned AA on, it looks a bit nicer now, but I didn't take any screenshots as the keyboard was the other side of the living room. Playing it on TV with a 360 pad, and I definitely prefer it to the nunchuck wiimote combo. Shaking the nunchuck always drove me insane, it never seemed to trigger as accurately as I liked. The pointer is mapped to the right stick and works better than expected, the Yoshi bits where you actually need to use it for gameplay purposes are perfectly fine.

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Steam screenshots can be a pain tho. Theyre jpegs, so theyre compressed. Fraps isnt free, but tbh its like Winrar, i dont know anyone who ever bought it. Its probably the best screenshotting software, and Dxtory is another one people seem to like but its also not free.

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