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The High-Res screenshots thread


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Finished AC:3 last night. I've loved all the others so I really enjoyed this one. Totally mental in places, but a lot of fun. Oh, and it's utterly fucking gorgeous.

The FPS problem Brer mentions is very odd, only seems to be in one part of Boston (for me anyway), which is strange in itself because there's not any more going on in the area than there is anywhere else. Hopefully it'll get patched, but it's not exactly game breaking.







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Oh ffs, I know how bad and barren it is. I'm just saying, those screens don't hit me as particularly impressive, ya know?


The big landscape shots always manage to look unimpressive, even in the cities. Its like it just pares everything down to barebones low res/poly models when it does the sweeping shots of the city. It looks far better on the ground. Personally i think AC3 is gorgeous, but youd never tell from those shots alright. Its all about the animations and atmosphere.

anyway, have some C3 beta




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It's probably down to how I set the gamma or my screen's configuration.

I find a lot of people don't really do anything when the game goes "adjust the slider until the thing is barely visible." Was most apparent in Diablo 3 when everyone else's screenshots looked like they were from a mario game.

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Dimahoo - is that Project CARS? It looks fantastic.

It is indeed. Its still a bit rough around the edge - things like LOD arn't done properly yet (so stuff pops-up) but theres much more to come.

They've just added 2 downsampling modes now - although its not working yet plus you've got something like 13 different skies at any time of the year, at any time of the day.

They may decide to use real-time forecasting so you can start a race using current weather conditions.

You can apply Sparse Grid supersampling with HT did you know that?

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