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The High-Res screenshots thread


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It is *beautiful*. And I knew the 10gig textures were already included in the preload :P

I cant quite max it, my 480 struggles a bit, but I need to re-enable my overclocking and see how I get on, heh.

I know EVERYONE is going to post the same images from the start, so heres my contribution to history, potential spoilers, if youre sensitive, so theyre inside a tag:








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Are you guys using any external video/AA settings for bioshock infinite?

I'm forcing SMAA and a bit of contrast/colour boost with SweetFX.


Makes the colours look a bit wild, but hey, second play-through, no harm in it.
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I've heard from people that pCARS is actually unbelievably difficult to play. And the Beta is closed now, so you can't get in anyway.

Blood Dragon is quite simple on a technical level - clearly made on a budget and they needed quite a lot of new assets, I suppose, but it still manages to look good in places.

I'm hoping Steam support will refund my preorder so I can order it on GMG and save £2.40. :eyebrows:

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Its certainly not as difficult as Rfactor 2 (their Skip barbers/Skippies are probably the hardest car to drive in any sim i can think of, short of iRacing which i don't play) and you have the option of running aids as well but i must stress its meant to be hard.

The same basic rules that you'd use to drive cars in Forza or any other game still apply - but you had to be gentle when pulling out of corners and be aware the brakes, tyres and lack of aero on some cars is going to make it harder to stop, turn and drive (and right now its NOT the defacto sim) but its getting there.

Also the AI isn't done - by far.

Right now Its actually a little harder then Forza 4 although the Braben is a little harder again but its an F1 car with poorer tyre compounds and a lack of aero and no technical suspension.

Anyway thats all in game - no edits or nothing just me with their camera.

The YT videos i post get compressed twice so never look as good.

But they've just added a new flens flare a well. the rain effect is killing frames but none of it is optimised yet.

If anyone lives near Croydon (well Sandertead) your more then welcome to come over and play it if i/we/you can sort out a date.

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I think Brer is the one who said he's never managed to get around a course without crashing.

I used to play a lot of Forza 1 and 2, but that's it, really.

On pro handling ive only managed it a handful of times. Novice handling i can do it fine, but at the moment there difficulty seems to default to maximum so ive still never won a race :lol:

Its a game i really love the look of but just find it a bit not fun to play.

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I think Brer is the one who said he's never managed to get around a course without crashing.

I used to play a lot of Forza 1 and 2, but that's it, really.

I'd have to try it, I can certainly race the skippy in iRacing, and have done quite a bit. I think I get on better moving up to the Star (now Pro) Mazdas.
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Aye, playing it in 1600p and its still 60fps, unreal performance!


Tho i remember being able to force SGSSAA on Dishonored via nvidia inspector. And apparently SGSSAA is a better method of AA than downsampling. Ill have to see if i can get it working again.

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