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The High-Res screenshots thread


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Those top two pictures look terrible, the next gen consoles cannot come soon enough.

Yeah, it can be a bit hit and miss with a few jaggies and muddy textures close-up (kind of like how Rage was on consoles) but I still enjoy the views :)

(E: wasn't me who negged you by the way)

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Has it really been 8 months since we last used this thread? Mad. Obviously the fame's gone to Brer's head and he's too busy off on NeoGAF posting downsampled screens for the masses to drool at.



Might be considered a spoiler:


No in game AA. My system seems to have trouble getting decent performance out of it, anyway. My i3 is clearly starting to show it's age. and my system is a bit lopsided with a 280X in it. Might be time to finally bite the bullet and get an i5, but in all honesty the thing that's holding me back is swapping out the CPU. Can't be bothered.

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Arise thread!

I think Witcher 3 is deserving of a few posts in here. Let me get the ball rolling... (sorry for the UI, I got sick of disabling it - the game really needs "hide UI" hotkey functionality)












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Hey it's this thread again!

Yeah, hate to say it but they look really poor. I know this is modded gta4 but come on




Seriously,t hey shouldve held off with gta5 for next gen.

In hindsight I goofed with my images :D I just kind of liked the tones and colour in some of those shots but I forgot that this was the master race thread rather than the thread for 720p poverty folk. ;)

Although if you want to know what happened when they held off for next gen (with consoles that are already a year old, making screenshots useless), I captured this and shared it before saving it to PC:


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They look amazing!

Feel free to use the main Witcher 3 thread though, we had people posting pictures in there yesterday

No matter where you look, you get a great shot! I'll maybe post the odd one in the Witcher 3 thread too, but I'll dump the majority in here to save on load times for people wanting to discuss the actual game :D



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