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The F1 2010 Weekly Time Trial

Boozy The Clown

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No.11 - 10/12/10 - 14/12/10 - Shanghai



Car - Red Bull RB6



Current Leaderboard

1. Grimesy - M/PC - 1.35.512

2. Boozy - DRLC/A - 1:37.120

Leaderboard updated 20:21 14/12/2010

Previous Results


How to time trial

1. Go to paddock

2. Select time trial

3. Select Red Bull RB6

4. Select Shanghai Chinese Grand Prix

5. Select ghosts (optional)

6. Do laps until you are happy with your time

7. Post your time in this thread.

Driving Assists & How to post your time.

Along with your time if you use any of the following settings please include this information.

1. Anti-lock Braking System - ABS on/off (ABS)

2. Traction Control - TCS Full/Medium/off (TCS F or M)

3. Dynamic Racing Line - Full/Corners only/off(DRL F or C)

4. Gearbox - Auto/Manual - (A) or (M)

5. Force Feedback Wheel or Pad - (W) if using wheel.

6. Xbox, PC or PS3 - (PC) or (PS3)

So for example of you were using all of the above you'd post

e.g - Boozy - ABS/TCSF/DRLF/A/W/PS3 - 1:50.786

If you were using none of the above and a 360 with a pad all we'd need would be

e.g. - Boozy - M - 1:50.786

I hope that's easy to follow. If you just post "I did a 1.50.8xx" you won't be entered in the leaderboard.


1. TT ends Midnight on Tuesday 14th December

2. Be honest

3. Use the specified car

4. Have fun

5. Post your time in the specified format.

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For anyone who doesn't know Spa very well, I have to say it's an easy track to learn. Yesterday afternoon I tried it for the first time, took about 10 laps to know what gears to take each corner, and late evening we had an online race with 8 players (two of which I regard as VERY good racers) and I managed to win! It really is a great, great track.

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