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The Alan Partridge Thread


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I ask him what his lapel badge means. It’s a small, white tooth; a molar, with a cartoon face drawn on it. It represents a shadowy showbiz organisation not unlike the Freemasons that “looks after” its members while doing philanthropic works. It may never get a mention in the script, he says. But it’s all been worked out and is authentic to the character.


I think it's a nice little detail that goes some way to explaining why he keeps getting employed :D

Might come to something down the line though!

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25 minutes ago, Delargey said:

I really don't like the sidekick Simon bits - they need to do something different with him, it's the same gag every week.


I did like him reading the autocue along with Alan.

I enjoy them but they do feel a bit shoehorned in. I'd like to see him get a wee investigative piece to do on his own though.

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It's amazing really. To have a fictional character in a fictional universe able to do a piece about a different show, 25 years ago, bringing the characters back, and actually use the real footage , no cgi'd ageing make up or sepia footage, it's mad how we've all grown up with the character from our teenage years.

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Yeah I didn't love last week's but that was amazing. Properly end to end great Partridge. The Gibbons' have basically turned a radio show, a variety show and two sitcom seasons into a kind of Partridge Cinematic Universe and I'm all for it. 

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