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The Alan Partridge Thread


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2 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

Remind me what the song is?



The song about meeting a woman who laughes a lot and makes him laugh. At the end of the song she dies.


2 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

I would say it ranged from "quite funny" to "very funny", but of course there's the fact that being there in the flesh always seems to magnify the comedy effect for comedians, for me anyway. 


Yes, I can imagine. I really regret not going!


In fairness, I usually give Partridge about 3 viewings before making firm conclusions, there are usually things you miss first time and things that grow on you. So maybe I'll change my mind.

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20 hours ago, Commander Jameson said:

I'm watching this now and I've just noticed I'm in it! About 17 minutes in just after his joke about the Countryside Alliance.


(I'm not the beardy bloke)


Do you think you were reacting to that part, or they've spliced you in?

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