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RPL Rovers - Season 11


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RPL Rovers - Season 11

The Team!!

RB - TommyMat

CB - BigJ

CB - Dewranger

LB - Railton89

CDM - sith

CDM - BlueLena

CAM - Jazzy

CAM - Pilotwings

CF - Supercat

CF - Mattie

Thats how I see us lining up for the cup at least.

Really happy with the team considering I had to pretty much build a defence from scratch, now I fully believe we have one of the best defenses in the league, on paper at least. Getting Jazzy for 500k was the real bonus as he is the type of attacking player we were missing last season, getting Pilot (one of my pre-auction targets) was the icing on the cake. If we create the chances Supes and Mattie will score them!

We are the underdogs, I say fuck that lets go out there and prove a point.

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hi guyes glad to be on board, dont really know alot about anyone here but hoping for another good season. Going off what i have read we all have good attributes, but just so you know mine are all over the pitch

The call me Mr Versatile

Dont think ill make it on over the weekend i have a date with a pint glass

post-17107-071902500 1285931646_thumb.jp

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Yeah Italy have a lot going forward but there backline apart from chiellini are abit ropey.

France have an amazing midfield a good defence but the striking options probably arnt the greatest. For me though I would say France are the best all-round team outside if the 5 star teams.

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ill try get on tonight!

Not really fussed what team we are out of them i dont use the normal RB anyway, i use the fastest player that isnt in the starting line up no mater what position he plays ha. Last year i used Vorinin at RB

I also noticed while playing that the players seem to get tired alot quicker now. Can we still not make subs?

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