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RPL Rovers - Season 11


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i'll go tony in the next games if it is going to improve on that performance in the second. it just seemed to be a bit more fluid in the first game then the second.

though i am not discounting this all being a ploy by supes to get ronaldo ;)

Good theory but you scored, not me ;)

Dunno why but we just seemed to fall apart in that 2nd game.

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Match Report Week One - Rovers VS United

Match One - United 0-1 Rovers

Humdrum 16

Great start as we carried on where we left of from the cup. An early goal calmed any nerves and we went on to dominate the game and should have had a few more goals to show for it. The defence was superb and I can't remeber United having any chances of note. Positive start.

FIFA MOTM - sith 8)

Match Two - Rovers 0-3 United

We were destroyed, plain and simple. Wicho's change of tactics gave them more bodies in midfield and we couldn't cope. I noticed the moment we lined-up but the fact we can't make subs is fucking stupid. With that being said it is still no excuse for the performace as we were dismal. Our passing accuracy was 65% and that is simply not good enough. We need to stop rushing every pass and looking for the killer ball to Ronaldo every time as our wingers were ineffective (not Jazzy's fault) as they were just bypassed constantly. On the positive side despite conceding 3 goals I felt the defence looked pretty solid on the whole, we just gave them too much to do as kept giving the ball away in silly positions.

FIFA MOTM - Dewranger

Anyways onwards and upwards lads, three points against United is a very solid start :)

Changes for next week

Supercat will keep Ronaldo for both games and Pilot will take Nani on the RW, I don't want ANY wingers.

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Guys I'm planning being online tonight but I have never been so ill in my life so there is a chance I'll doze off or something.

If I'm not on by 9.10 or 10.10 then Mattie can take charge seeing as no one came forward.

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