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RPL Rovers - Season 11


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Anyways guys I'd like to thank you lot for showing a lot of patience tonight. Probably the worst night of BAP ever.

Gerry was fantastic and looks like he's going to be a keeper for next season, really impressed with how you played at CDM.

This season has become frustrating, unlike last season I feel we have been better than most of the teams we have played (United aside) and could easily be on 10-11 pts. It will come I'm sure of it.


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Its not exactly the first time this has happened in the league, it just wans't on video before. It wasn't the whole team that scored the goal so i dont think most of us would be looking to apologise. Also do you not think mattie with 8-9 players in bap mode is an advantage? (he doesnt suck that much :))

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