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My new EP


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Here's something I've been working on for a while. For about three years, actually. I can't tell if I'm a perfectionist or a lazy. Bit of both, perhaps.

It's called Under the Whale's Tongue, is inspired a bit by ISAN and various other electronic guys. and is under 20 minutes long. Amazing art by Fargal, too:


Plz listen!

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Wow, high praise, Futureshock! Especially coming from you, a connoiseur of all things electronic. Thanks for sort-of blogging it, too! (that was you, right?)

And thanks, Dave. You didn't have to buy it, but I appreciate it as I put Real World Money into it. If I can figure out how the mailing list works I'll bombard your inbox with shit send you stuff occasionally!

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Wow, thanks guys. Your comments really mean a lot to me. I'm cereal. I was a bit worried about 'releasing' it in the end, because I'd been keeping it all under wraps for years (only Sam and my best friend had heard a few tracks) so I sort of got more apprehensive as time went on. But I am really touched people like it so much. Again, I'm cereal.

And Plopboy, I'm glad it does flow in and out, being water-based and all. I always wanted to bookend it with two similarly themed tracks,and I'm glad it works.

Well done James!

can I has a drawing of an vanishing elephant for my next ep thx

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