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League Two - End of season report


Team of the season

GK - Renan (Internacional)

LB - Leonardo (Internacional)

CB - I Evatt (Blackpool FC)

CB - Bolívar (Internacional)

RB - L. De Silvestre (Fiorentina)

LM - Andrés D'Alessandro (Internacional)

CM - C Adam (Blackpool FC)

CM - Wilson Mathías (Internacional)

RM - R. Montolivo (Fiorentina)

AT - Ilan (Internacional)

AT - Rafael Sóbis (Internacional)

Highest rated team

Internacional - 6.95 out of 10

Top scorer

16 - S. Jovetic (Fiorentina)

Other categories

Best shot accuracy - 73.29% (Fiorentina)

Best shots per goal ratio - 3.45 (Fenerbahce SK)

Best passing accuracy - 81% (Fenerbahce SK)

Highest average possession - 55.78% (Girondins de Bordeaux)

Best tackles per foul ratio - 18 (Palermo)


  • All the above is based on match report data. If you don't use them, you can't be included.
  • If you wish to start using the match reporting, see the starter instructions here.
  • A player must have at least 4 player reports to qualify for the team of the season.
  • A team must have at least 4 match reports to qualify for most team categories.

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