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'Big-Up' five games on the new forum!


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So what are the first five games that you want to 'big-up'on the shiny new forum, it doen't matter what the reason is, maybe they're games you can't waitto play, or games you can't stop playing, games you've just found out about, or whatever.

Just 5 games, and a quick reason why.


1) Donkey Konga - Can't wait to get it.

2) Wario Ware (Cube) - Can't wait to play it.

3) Kero Kero King DX - Only discovered this yesterday, it's like golf but with frogs instead of balls!!! - I have got to get it!

4) Mario Kart Double Dash!! - Still in the post - aaaaghhh!!!

5) Viewtiful Joe - Sexiest game ever!

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Prince of Persia: PS2

It's fun. It looks great. It's fucking brilliant.

Jet Set Radio: DC

It's fun. It looks great. It's fucking brilliant.

Animal Crossing: Gamecube

It's fun. You can't die. You do as much or as little as you like, when you like. You talk to animals!

Super Formation Soccer: SNES

Best multi player football game ever. Spent so long on this it's frightening.

Phantasy Star Online

Amazing until the cheating kicked in. My first online gaming experience. It worked on <56k! Chatting to mates via a keyboard while kicking butt was magical.

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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Sage (GBA):

The game itself is lots of fun, but even more fun is the way the whole story is played out. This game makes fun of the Mario universe in a way no parody-website ever could. Team up with your arch-enemy to rescue the princess so he can kidnap her again? Posing for passport pictures? Pure genius :wub:

Wakeboarding Unleashed (Xbox):

Few things can match the lovely adrenalinerush of launching to huge heights from the wake, performing a massive trick combo before landing on some powercables you can grind, tipped off by a summersault and a manual before launching again. Maybe it's not revolutionary or big or clever, but it sure as hell is lots of fun.

Rainbow Six 3 (Xbox):

Good game, but it really shines on Xbox Live. Co-op missions, co-op Terrorist Hunting, Team Survival, Solo Survival, Deathmatches ... Definitely the best Live game so far.

Viewtiful Joe (GC):

Brilliant refreshing take on the old 2D beat-em-up platformers. Beautiful graphics, stunning animation, terrific special effects in the Zoom/Slomo/Fast modes and all the cool moves and viewtiful timemanupilation you'll ever need.

Manhunt (PS2):

Superb gritty stealthgame situated in the most depressing locales you can imagine. The gruesome violence, surprisingly intelligent gameplay and an extremely 'hardcore' plot will grant this game an undebatable cultstatus.

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1) Kill Switch

Short, but bloody good game from Namco.

Cross between splinter cell and conflict desert storm.

2) Tokyo Extreme Racer 3

The best of the series so far.

3) SSX 3

It's Snowboarding, and it's great.

Good soundtrack too.

4) Worms 3D

Say no more. " 'Ave some of this! " :wub:

5) Mace Griffin : Bounty Hunter

massively underrated FPS shooter.

Actually reminds me of Kotor in places.

Good space flight/combat bits too!

Big it UP!

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Oh a list thread, I like lists.

1) Tiger Woods 2003 (GC)

It's not only the best golf game but one of the best games I have played in the last few years. Hours of single player fun and pretty much unbeatable in multi-player mode with the added bonus that anyone can pick it up and it appears to have universal appeal. I have played this on and off for 12 months.

2) HALO (Xbox)

Coming up to 2 years old, I must have played attack on the control room 45000 times in co-op mode. It still feels fresh even after all this time. Roll on the Live enabled sequel.

3) Frequency/Amplitude (PS2)

I am rubbish at both these games, but it doesn't stop me loving every second that I play them for. I feel that perhaps Frequency is the stronger of the two titles because of it's tunnel shaped playing area, but Amplitude is still ace.

4) Knights of the old Republic (Xbox)

Captured my attention in the way that Zelda: OOT and Shenmue did. Whilst playing it eating, sleeping and going to work were all put on hold.

5) Warcraft III (PC)

The LAN game of choice at work lunch times. A great RTS with lots of character and 3 very different races to play as.

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- Halo: Because. Just because.

- Elite: 650 years after being programmed on an abacus in COBOL (or whatever), it's still the best "Elite-style" game ever.

- Qix: Proving the cliche that the simplest ideas are the best is true.

- Civ 2: Even if it wasn't one of the best games ever, it'd deserve to be on the list because of the sheer amount of worker hours that must have been wasted on building pretend civilisations up from nothing. Combined with Doom, Solitaire and Minesweeper, the cost to the world's economy must be staggering.

- WipEout 3 Special Edition: Combining the best bits of the previous WipEouts and new insane-speed prototype tracks. And tweaking a few of the things that were wrong with Wipeout 3.

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• SSX3 - Exhilarating stuff once you crack the controls, especially the free roam.

• Mario & Luigi - Classic Nintendo action, with plenty of in-jokes.

• Viewtiful Joe - Most stylish game of the year, with playability by the ton.

• Animal Crossing - oh dear, I am going to get very hooked on this.

• Metal Arms - Halo with little metal pygmies.

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FF Tactics Advance - compulsively building up your team, watching the locations on the map spread out from your starting point as you work through the game, incredible open-endedness (for a console RPG at any rate).

Dynasty Warriors 4 - Knocking over twenty enemy troops with one attack, hilariously inappropriate dubbing, incongrous 80's metal sound track, the ability to roam wherever you like on the battle field.

Project Gotham Racing 2 - :wub:

Psyvariar - Easier to pick up and play then Ikaruga, less of a massive commitment, but still has that little bit of depth over your average shooter. Oh, and cheesy piano trance soundtrack.

Guilty Gear X2 - Hi-res, beautifully drawn Darkstalkers rip-off 2D fun.

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FF Tactics Advance - compulsively building up your team, watching the locations on the map spread out from your starting point as you work through the game, incredible open-endedness (for a console RPG at any rate).

I am very tempted by this. Is it Vandal Heart-esque (assuming you have played Vandal Hearts)?

Thats SO last year 

2004 is there for you.

I will eventually pick this up come xmas. My sister is buying my parents a GC so I shall donate them 2003 as an extra pressie and I will buy myself 2004, everybody’s happy (especially me :wub: ).

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Because its flipping brilliant. Ive been dishing it out to the Hun daily since its release. And its free! Splash Damage

Mario Kart: DD

Have only started to play it Multiplayer and the battle Arena's are a bit cack, the racing is top-notch


Wish they hadnt introduced the Tony Hawk ripp off combo things as now i have to pay attention more but loving it

Serious Sam2

Office LAN games ahoy - who woulda knew a 4mb onboard graphic card could bring so much joy

Call Of Duty

tasty 1p, shite Multiplayer

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Halo: Yes, because.

Mario & Luigi: Best GBA game of the year. Best RPG as well.

Advance Wars 2: For once I don't care that it's just more of the same.

Wario Ware Inc: Fun done easy.

XIII: Underrated and deserves far more attention than it's getting.

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My 5 games of the moment are...

1. Project Gotham 2 Xbox

What can I say? Superb and I havnt even started playing it on Live yet. The most beautiful driving game ever made and stunningly playable too. Sliding round the corners hasnt been so much fun since Ridge Racer. Which leads me on to...

2. Ridge Racer V Jap PS2

After picking up a copy of the Jap version in New Age Consoles on Saturday I thought I would attack the tracks again. I agree that Type 4 is better but this is still great fun minus those pesky PAL borders. More corner sliding fun and a much quicker blast than PG2.

3. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo Jap Saturn

Sheer Multiplayer Brilliance. When Mrs Yiggy and myself sit down for a game it can often lead to a distinct lack of sleep for all concerned. She's actually rather good at it as well. :P

4. Genma Onimusha Xbox

My adventure of the moment. I always have one on the go and I just started this after finishing Max Payne. It has a nice feel to it and the soul system seems good fun. Its number 2 after this one as well.

5. Made in Wario (Wario Ware) Jap GBA

Despite the difficulty with a couple of the levels due to the Japanese text and my unwillingness to buy the UK version I am still loving this big time. What more can be said. :wub:

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1. GLADIUS(GC) - This really is a good turn based strat game, piling through it for a second time after ...erm erasing my original file of around 40 hours. Doh!!! Not perfect, but the battles are a challenge and enjoyable throughout.

2. Call of Duty(PC) - Yesterday I finally got to sample this game for myself and GOD DAMN its good, worth getting for the jeep sequence alone. Sod the linearity, it has some trully great moments that will stick in the mind forever. A class game no question.

3. Virtua Tennis 2K2(DC) - Before I got hold of the above two games I was spending some serious time on this, ON EASY. A great challenging game that hooked me in with its great controls and in turn great playability. Still haven't won a tournament though.

4. Alex Kidd in Shinobi World(SMS emu) - Took a bit of a nostalgia trip the other day, as soon as the music kicked in I was in love with this game once again. Still arse at it though, depresingly. At least I don't have my Master System controller to bite anymore ...must ...not ...bite ...dual shock.

5. Super MonkeyBall 2 - Monkey Tennis party game(GC) - A slight cheat this one as it's just the party game I'm putting forward, but I've just experienced four player doubles matches with my sisters and my brother-in-law. It turned into an absolute blast that have spawned a few re-matches. A flawed gem that infuriates as well as make you laugh out loud,never underestimate the power of monkeys. I can't wait for the next re-match.

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1.) Super Mario World SNES

It simply is the best game ever

2.) Tetris GB

I still play it regularly on my old grey gameboy.

3.) Goldeneye N64

I'm not any good at other FPS' that is probably why.


It is still the only game close to the real skate fun.


I can’t remember how many times I must have repeated it 100%.

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Prince of Persia (Xbox) - I only played this for a few hours, but I was totally gushing about it, just stunning... so fluid, so great to control, just great :rolleyes:

Splinter Cell (Xbox) - Booted this up a few days ago after I got annoyed getting beaten by the final Metroid Prime Boss (yes, I am that far behind). Played though Kola Cell and then the first sub mission. Forgot how much I enjoyed this game, replayed various parts of it trying to get everything just perfect, so I sneaked through undetectd in some levels and found the ultimate ways to hang off things and kill people.

Steel Battalion Line of Contact (Xbox) - There's plenty wrong with the game at the moment, several annoying issues, but when you get a good game together it's fantastic - I find replays boring and would never save them, but I have a few replays saved from this game now as it's so cool to watch the combat sometimes. The campaign mode is also becoming very interesting as new VT's become availible and you can switch sides.

Metroid Prime (Cube) - Ok, I still haven't quite finished it, and the sodding essence of Metroid Prime killing me when I've been within a whisker of beating it has caused me serious pain over the last week. But it's still wonderful, the emerging story is excellent and I don't think anything has come close yet to beating this graphically on the cube.

Guitar Freaks 1/2 (PSX) - I really like this game, it's so difficult to play without a guitar controller (probably not much easier with one) but when you get it right, it's really really nice, very satisfying.. must get proper controller though

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Begining to enjoy this. Just got to the snow level, where you have to destory 4 generators. Brought back memories of Goldeneye :rolleyes:

Wario Ware, Inc

Still got some stuff to unlock, and it's that, that is keeping me coming back for more <_<

Conflict:Desert Storm 2

Recently finished it on Medium. Unlocked Extreme, I'm dreading starting again.

Mr Driller:Drill Land

Perfect game for a quick blast. The presentation, sound, everything is :D


Also playing the Assault on the Control Room level, on Legendary of course :D Just wished the multiplayer had bots :(

waiting on the shelf.....

Zelda Collector's Edition

P.N.03 (need to finish)

Animal Crossing (need to visit more often)

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Mr Driller:Drill Land

Perfect game for a quick blast. The presentation, sound, everything is :rolleyes:

Good call - haven't popped that into my Cube for ages.

I'm also going to be popping Monkey Ball 2 in again soon for some multiplayer fun.

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  • 15 years later...

I’d like to take this opportunity to “Big-Up” a few games, 16 years after this was posted. 


Diablo : Switch. It’s a dream to play this fruit machine simulator on the go. Really amazing game and lovely to play through as the necromancer as I never got round to him/her on the PC version. 


Super Smash Bros : Switch.  I really wasn’t sure if I’d like this. But the spirit board / light world thing has me sold. 


Zen Pinball : IPhone. I’ve been playing this for literally years. It’s the only game I’ve ever spent significantly long playing on my phone. Still (just about) works on my original iPad. 


Octopath traveller : Switch. Another game I wasn’t sure I was going to like.  Played through the extensive demo, in which an NPC called me a whore.  Hmmmm. Sold. 



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If I were to pretend it's still 2003...


1. Sonic3&K Best game ever made, duh

2. Phantasy Star Online 1&2 Best online fun ever. Just don't forget to buy the GC keyboard.

3. Wario Ware Pyoro is the best unlockable in any game ever. Even if your playing for 30 hours to unlock it.

4. Sonic 1 Master System Better than the original.

5. Super Monkey Ball Best launch title this generation. It's SHOCK!'ING that I've found reviews on the internet that dislike this. I should go make a thread about it...

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On 02/12/2003 at 11:38, matt0 said:

Psyvariar - Easier to pick up and play then Ikaruga, less of a massive commitment, but still has that little bit of depth over your average shooter. Oh, and cheesy piano trance soundtrack.


And only fifteen years later, it's my GOTY 2018. Respect. 

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