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Metroid Bargain!


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Just bought Metroid Prime from Makro this morning for the princely sum of £13.99 :wub: I missed out on it first time round pretty much. I did try to get into it but it didn't hook me in when I borrowed it off a mate but at this price I thought it was worth another go.


The thing is though, my Cube is a US one - is this gonna work with my Freeloader or will I have to reluctantly pass it on to a friend?

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Yes yes...really a great time to be a GCN gamer. Bought Metroid Prime ( Players Choice edition ) a few days back and bloody well amazed so far. It's like...um....Goldeneye stuck in a maze, with prettier graphics, moody but great music and a damn lovely gun.

Backtracking and enemys being respawn is only a minor dislike, but I was expecting that after the zillion or so comments about it.

And the controls are great, but then...I havn't really played that many shooters in my time, but this works.

Partly for me being so late to MP mind you is that I've never played a METROID game before, I'll have to hunt down Fusion now, that Metroid NES version just sitting there...waiting to be playable.

( NEG )

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