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Prince of Persia


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spoilers naturally. maybe i'm just immensely crap but this is beginning to ruin the game for me. i find the wall jumping a bit erratic but mostly i've been ok with it.

now i'm at a point where 95% into the game i cannot get any further because i need to jump left/right up inside a broken tower and i've messed up about 30 times! the rewind facility has gone and every time i die i have to repeat the same bits again before attempting this bit only to fall and die, again and again.

the first game in ages where i actually threw the pad across the room last night

tried it again this morning but no joy.

any tips before i go completely mad ?

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That had me stuck for a while and was the sign that I was too tired and had to stop for the night. You have to be standing rather than hanging off the crack ni the tower wall, and you should make sure you are on the right hand side (from the camera's point of view). What makes it difficult is that the the camera angle suddenly changes as you start wall jumping your way up, just ignore that and keep the right rhythm.

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