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2012 London Olympics


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Made a start on this. Gonna be a nightmare to keep up (hence I didn't start a new topic as I wouldn't have been able to keep the first post up to date)


August 2012

26th Aviva Birmingham Grand Prix, Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, England.

26th Samsung Diamond League / AVIVA British Grand Prix, Birmingham, England .

September 2012

16th BUPA Great North Run, Newcastle–South Shields, England.

October 2012

28th BUPA Great South 10mile Run, Portsmouth, England.



BT British Olympic Ball

Dates: November 30, 2012 , 12:00 am – December 1, 2012 – 12:00 am






Vuelta a Espana - 18th Aug - 9th Sept

ON ITV http://www.broadcast...5045222.article

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This time last week I was screaming and shouting as Mo Farah won.

This week, the wife is watching X-Factor.

I miss the Olympics.

So do I.

I'm lucky that my wife feels the same, and also hates all of that reality TV show crap.

Cycling on Eurosport, LLWS baseball on ESPN and Buffy on Netflix for us.

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Paralympic opening ceremony now on Ch4.

Stephen Hawking starts things off with a small little talk about the beginning of the universe and a representative display by a load of folks. Liking the British weather system being the main focus.

And again, the LEDS be killin' it, yo. :)

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