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Intertoto Cup - Season 22


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When's good for you Gus? We've got our league fixtures to do next week too!

It's up to you, we can double up and play 4 games next week or split up the games. I can play anytime this week after about 7pm. Maybe be better to do the cup games this week and the league games next week.

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Just a quick reminder for all you Intertoto'ers and to clarify what you need to do to qualify from your group...

Four-team groups: The top two clubs are guaranteed passage to the next round.

Five-team groups: The top three clubs are guaranteed passage to the next round.

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Kazit! When would you like to play our Group E wooden spoon decider, my good man?

I've got a few other things going on this week, but if you let me know a day/time that works for you, I'm sure we can work something out...

Hi SomethingWitty i have just started a new job this week so time is limited, but i am free any time over teh weekend if that suits?

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SaintM 1 - 0 DeadRussian

A very tight game with DR having the majority of the play in the first half. Kazan came into the game more in the second and after some concerted pressure finished a scrappy headed goal from a corner. Could have gone either way.

DR 4 - 0 SaintM

I don't think I was ever going to get anything out of this game. As soon as I hit the inside of the post from a freekick the game turned into a mess for me. A defensive howler (heading the ball into the attacker instead of clear) setup up Genoa for their first. The second came soon afterwards whilst my defender was prone in the box after running into an attacker (I think, I didn't see what put him on the ground, just that he was there when the attacker shot past him).

In the second half I made many chances that I should have finished, but it was not gonna happen. Despite piling on the pressure and making the keeper perform some great acrobatics to stop me scoring, the third Genoa goal typified the nature of the game with a nothing ball along the ground flapped at by the keeper allowing a simple tap in. The fourth was inconsequential, given the scoreline, so I didn't actually try to stop it.

Frustrating to play (probably moreso due to the lack of comms than anything else) and certainly not a scoreline that reflects the play, but I can't argue with the result.

Hopefully those sorta games are few and far between. It felt like FIFA10 at times.

Cheers for the games. See you in the final ;)

ps. I don't know how you avoided getting red carded in both games. If I even think about sliding in from behind I'm shown a red..

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