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Big Ak just got bigger - 6132

Nice but there's no stopping him once he starts, he's just getting bigger and bigger - 6544

Also did alright on BT for once - 6243 - but it was nothing like a perfect run...

EDIT: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Chris Child, take a bow - 8374

You too, Ms Liz Enthusiasm - Super-Sprode through the 7000 barrier to 7243.

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that was such a forceful rebuttal of my scores, my perfectly good, even really good scores in certain areas that i have to go and play now. i have two essays due in on friday. two essays!!

what do you know about the punk rock history of detroit? or the differences between expressionist and absurdist theatre? eh? eh? eh?


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Possibly the wrong place for this, but havnig just got Amplitude, I'm not sure what part the powerups play - obviously score doubler is quite handy on complex sequences and the auto completer thing is useful. But the freestyle one confuses me - you don't seem to get many points off it, or is there a better way of using it.

I'm also only up to normal level BTW, so anything over 1000 = me being happy. Some way to go to catch you guys

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The freestyler value depends on the multiplier you're on when you use it. Try to use it when you're up to a x8 and you'll get 80 points per bar with it (if you're playing on Insane - I think on Normal it only goes up to 3 rather than 10, so it would be 24 points per bar). The real luck comes in being on a x8, then getting a doubler - and then immediately getting a freestyler, so that you get 160 points for each bar as long as the doubler/freestyler lasts.

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Look at it this way: as the freestyler is worth (on Insane with the normal x8 max multiplier) 80 points per bar so naturally, over 2 bars you're getting 160pts. That works out as being equal to a track worth 20pts so on the early levels where there are lots of tracks that are under the 20pt mark, you are getting more points than you would by capturing the tracks as normal. Throw in a score doubler and you're looking at the equivalent of a 40pt track = mucho pointos.

On the later levels, they are more useful for keeping your streak alive when you come across breaks in the song or super-tough sequences that are too tough to capture. They also work as a handy reset button, bringing all the tracks (bar the one you last captured) back on line once the freestyler runs out.

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Some relatively piss poor updates since I've a net connection and the PS2 in the same room for once:

Baldwins - 3895 (ooh about 10 points)

Weezer - 4287

Production Club - 4390

DJ HMX - 4745

Did I mention that Amplitude, a projector and a home cinema system can (literally) fry your mind?

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