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GC takes #1 slot in US


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That's probably because every person in America has almost filled their house up with PS2s, and so Sony is at last seeing a sales drop-off. Only Gamecubes can be squeezed into the remaining space.

Seriously, I'm suprised and pleased to see that Americans are waking up to the wonderful games on the cube - if that is indeed what these figures indicate.

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Well, since reading a great deal about good Gamecube games on this forum and elsewhere, I took Game up on their offer of £139 for GC+2 controllers+memory card+MK DD+VJ+Zelda disc last night. I'm currently awaiting delivery (should be Wednesday).

The price drop, coupled with people commenting on a handful of high quality titles for the GC made me take the plunge. Now, for some reason, two months ago, I would never have considered getting a GC. This was based on its "kid" image and all the titles I ever saw being "cutesy". But from what I've heard, the gameplay behind the cutesy graphics is very strong. So I'll give it a go.

Some titles I'm hoping to try out (in no order):

Super Monkey Ball (I'm thinking of going for 1 over 2?)

Mario Sunshine

Luigi's Mansion (for some reason I fancy this one)

Zelda Wind Waker

Metroid Prime

Ikaruga (got it on DC, love it)

The Zelda disc will be up for sale as soon as I get it if anyone's interested. (PM is fine). Otherwise it'll go on Ebay.

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Good man Tyagi, You'd be right in getting the original monkeyball over its sequel, the levels are just a hell of a lot better, it lacks Monkey Tennis though(the ONLY redeeming feature of its sequel).

Ooh, unfair. Monkey Ball 2 is great - you've just got to get it into your head that it's not Monkey Ball 1. I look at it as more like a puzzle game.

Kudos to Sega for making a sequel that complemented its prequel, rather than rendering it redundant.

Monkey Dogfight and the superior versions of Monkey Billiards & Bowling also round out the package well.


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SMB2 is better than SMB: all the orginal minigames are improved and unlocked automatically, plus football/tennis rock. There's a funny camp storymode too, which is great fun IMHO, much better than SMB1 main game :rolleyes:

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The Story modes monkey chant has left me mentally scarred for the rest of my life. I'm never going on it again. As for the puzzles, they don't seem to be suited to ball rolling, or the game engine. The camera is forced into situations that it can't handle taking control away from the player as your waiting for the camera to sort itself out. Its not terrible, but on the strength of what they did with the same tools for the first game. It's not even a mark on the original, imo of course.

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Tragically ironic.

Indeed. Sega avoided such allocation problems, by making a console nobody actually wanted. They shipped 600,000 fewer units to the States for the DC launch week than Sony did PS2's for their launch week and still didn't sell all of them.

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