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gamesTM Issue 13


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I prefer GamesTm to Edge nowadays, it is just more enjoyable to read. The better/worse & format comparison boxouts in the reviews are a very good idea. I like the from Japan/USA section. Off the top of my head there are only a few things I would change:

- On multiformat reviews right up the top where it says XBOX/MULTIFORMAT or PS2/MULTIFORMAT.. this really bugs me for some reason. I can't explain why but I would rather it listed all of the formats up the top instead of that little info section.

- I know it could be interpreted as an Edge copy (who cares though?), but I think industry columns would be great. For example a column from Stuart Campbell, One of the Pickfords or maybe even a column from somebody who works in an indie store or something? I.. just.. like.. things.. like.. that..

- The cover problem I think is that the pictures have too much detail and make reading the text difficult, especially if the pictures fill the page completely. Finding the right amount of space to keep clear and empty is the key.

- The full page/double page pictures of older games are a good idea, but in practise they just appear to be a waste of space. It is almost as if there was such a tight deadline that somebody thought 'lets fill these 2 pages with a screenie from Sensible Soccer'. I would just rather read something: that is all. As for the retro adverts, yes I like them, but is it possible that you could split a page into four and have the adverts in each section (see last years 'virgin megastore' adverts to see what I mean).

Anyway, that's all I can think of now, design-wise. Keep up the good work!

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Maybe an idea for the retro-section: I don't know if the GamesTM publishers own copyright of old mags, but it would be cool to reprint lifestyle/visions-of-the-future predictions articles from old 8/16 bit computermagazines. So that you can read what we thought would be the Next Big Thing back in 198#/199# and chuckle from the comfort of hindsight at all the mistakes and hypes back then.

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Hmm, you know the fact that a lot of people are saying that GamesTM is better than Edge because it gave some games the "right" review scores worries me a little.

No it's not, if you agree with a lot of a magazine's scores and think they're usually spot-on then you're more likely to trust them in the future (if you use magazines for purchases) as you have similar taste.

I often get the feeling Edge will only mark games down for controversy's sake at times. Get people talking about it.

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