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Look what I found in my loft...


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Got the loft insulation guys round mine at present and one of them informed me that there was a briefcase up there and asked whether I wanted it. I said okay and he handed it down to me. This is what was inside...

post-2034-049690000 1288891616_thumb.jpg

post-2034-047911200 1288891626_thumb.jpg

post-2034-003267200 1288891633_thumb.jpg

Incomplete and probably not worth a lot (not tested it out of course). In fact it was a bit before my time (I started out with a BBC) so no idea about it's history really apart from what's on Wikipedia.

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I saw the case an instantly recognised it as one I used to have my Spectrum in when I first got it approx 28 years ago (!). I guess the same guys did the ZX81 case first then. The idea of these was that you have you stuff set up in it, but actually keep it in the case - fold it back when you are using it, close it when you are not. Kind of harks back to the days when we liked to hide our tech away, closing cabinets for TV's, and little cases for computers

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It weights a ton though :( Although once cleaned up it should look inn good nick - no rips or noticable tears.

The plastic inserts look mint and seem to be free to cracks, etc.

I've stuck it out in the garage for now as it's so manky the case and requires a proper clean. But with the weather being so cold that may take a while...

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I had a loft clean out too this weekend, came across:

N64 with Doctor 64

Spectrum 128

Spectrum +



A bazillion cassettes (of Spectrum and C64 stuff)

Tons of PnP RPG stuff

Several boxes of Marvel/DC comics

Millions of Magic the Gathering cards

Castle Greyskull and tons of He-man figures

Boxes of die cast Dinky toys

A boxed Jabba the Hut and Sy Snootles band + all the figures from the Jabba's throne scene (unboxed)

Loads of nerdy aceness to sift through :)

Will post some piccys of the computers and games once I make some room

Worryingly it looks like the Atari ST , Atar Lynx, Amiga, NES and Atari 2600 stuff has simply vanished :(

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