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The Low-Res screenshots thread

mr twig

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3D Death Chase!

Hussss! (yes)

Hopefully another straightforward one...


Gah! Trying to place that tree so I can remember the game is going to haunt me!

fngggggggggggggggggg ... is it Kirby? I can't remember the game name!

I don't know if Mr Twig planned it this way, but this thread is brilliant ... that makes it sound like Mr Twig is only accidentally brilliant, oh!

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post-16104-016355400 1289638517_thumb.pn

That's brilliant. I'm not going to bang my guess in straight away though, seems a shame to jump on it five minutes in when it's so well done!* - that's if you didn't just shrink a screen shot down instead of drawing it!

* That's me feeling bad for guessing Joyrex-J9's excellent mini-Flashback so soon after he posted it :hug:

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