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RLG SC2 Open Season 1


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rllmuk league gaming proudly presents the Starcraft 2 Open : Season 1

As this is the first tournament, there may be some "teething" issues. These should be identified this season and addressed for subsequent seasons.

Read the details here and then sign up by adding any relevant battle.net info that will be used to play to this thread.

gl hf :D

- Tournament will be 1v1, single elimination format. All rounds will be best of 3, except the final which will be best of 5.

- The 1st map played by everyone will be Xel'Naga Caverns and subsequent map selection will be made by the losing player. (Map selection is limited to ladder maps, i.e. Blistering Sands, Desert Oasis, Scrap Station, Steppes of War, Xel'Naga Caverns, Kulas Ravine, Lost Temple, Metalopolis, Delta Quadrant)

- Games must be played on faster setting. Basically the same setttings as a ladder match.

- Once all sign-ups have been received, 1st round of matches will be randomly selected and a tournament bracket will be created with a link placed here.

- All players wanting to participate must sign up by 13:00 hours - Tuesday 16th November 2010. Bracket will be created that evening for players to start play on the start date (see below).

- The following are details of timings for play based on a guess-timate that there will be a total of 8 players (subject to change).

- Due to the busy lives of the modern day Starcraft 2 player, it has been decided that the 1st set of knock-out rounds will take place over a period of 1 week. It is up to the players involved to agree a date and time and all matches must take place consecutively.

- Once both players have arranged a date and time, please post those details in this thread.

- If a player is "no show" then the remaining player automatically wins that round and progresses to the next. Please give players a reasonable amount of time to login. I.E if between you, you have arranged to start play at 16:00 on Saturday afternoon, then it should be fine to be around 10 minutes late (see the "busy-lives rule").

- Both players must post the details of who won/lost in this thread and all replays must be saved and uploaded (probably binary beast, but possibly emailed to myself for uploading here). I will then collate the info and update this post (spoilered). PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WIN/LOSE RESULTS ARE POSTED IN SPOILER HIDDEN FORMAT

- Based on 8 players the next round will be the final with a date/time to be decided by myself after conversations with both players.

- Cheese is allowed. Please do not complain about this, everyone needs to be able to deal with all manner of tactics.

- If one of the players disconnects within the first 2 minutes of the match, it will be restarted with the same settings as the interrupted match.

- If one of the the players disconnects later than 2 minutes after the match has started, it will be counted as a default loss for the disconnecting player unless the player who did not disconnect is willing to offer a rematch.

- Ref's decision is final

[Dates of play]

- Start date for the 1st set of rounds will be 00:01 hours - Wednesday 17th November 2010 and end on 23:59 hours - Tuesday 23rd November 2010.

- Start date for the next batch of rounds will be 00:01 hours - Thursday 24th November 2010 and take place over a 4 day period ending 23:59 hours - Sunday 28th November 2010.

- Semi finals will start on 00:01 hours Wednesday 1st December and end at 23:59 hours - Sunday 5th of December.

- The finals (best of 5 remember) will take place sometime the following week, based on both players "busy-lives" schedule (finalists to decide when and post here giving at least 2 days notice to RLG.).


- If anyone fancies casting, this is a great opportunity ... Headache :-)

- Open to players of all levels. Most of us, I understand, are pretty n00b-ish. I was demoted to bronze the other day ffs.

[Confirmed players]











Mr Cochese




WARNING! The following link contains spoilers. If you want spoiler free viewing then visit the thread-post results or grab the replay pack below


Replay pack for all games (pack should auto update as games are completed)

[Round 1 Results]

Chauntea Vs Moodmon - Wednesday 17th - 8.25pm

Chauntea 2 - 0 Moodmon

Carrot Vs Snowbind - Saturday 20th - 4pm

Carrot 2 - 0 Snowbind

bcofn Vs Tom* - Sunday 21st - 6pm

bcofn 2 - 0 Tom*

PinkNinja Vs Lujin - Sunday 21st - 8pm.

Lujin 2 - 0 PinkNinja

ravnaz Vs Headache - Sunday 21st - 9.30pm

ravnaz 2 - 0 Headache

[Quarter final games]

Lujin Vs Morg - 7pm Sunday 28th

Lujin 2 - 0 Morg

Chauntea Vs Mr Cochese - Sunday evening (tbc)

Cochese 2 - 0 Chauntea

RavNaz Vs MrCarrot 9pm Sunday 28th

MrCarrot 2 - 0 RavNaz

rjpageuk Vs bcofn - 8:30 Sunday 28th

rjpageuk 2 - 0 bcofn

[Semi finals]

rjpageuk Vs Mr Cochese - 8pm Wednesday 1st

rjpageuk 2 - 0 Mr Cochese

MrCarrot Vs Lujin - 8pm Sunday 5th

Lujin 2 - 1 MrCarrot


Lujin Vs rjpageuk - Sunday 12th December @ 8pm

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You know I'm bloody tempted to try my hand at casting too so once the tournament is done (and if I can get around paying for FRAPS) I might give it a go!

EDIT - Oh yes, I'm also in for the competition. I'm performing in a show this week so I won't be able to play any matches until next Sunday at the earliest though! (But looking at the set up that's not a problem.)

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I am willing to be knocked out in first round if that's okay with everyone :P As the replays are only tiny size I should be able to host them all up if anyone needs it. I think any casting would be amazing...

"Here we see Moodmon making a drone. Now he's clicking to look at his scout for 5 minutes. He makes his second drone. Now a marine ball steams into his base as he puts down his spawing po...oh wait, that's gg."

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"Here we see Moodmon making a drone. Now he's clicking to look at his scout for 5 minutes. He makes his second drone. Now a marine ball steams into his base as he puts down his spawing po...oh wait, that's gg."

:D hehehe almost burst out laughing in the office when I read that :P hehe

But sign me up for it :) we cant all get knocked out in the first round so some of us have a chance ;) hehe

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Just keep saying "terrible terrible damage" whenever something happens.

Other phrases to bear in mind if you want to rival HD/Tastosis:

Right here, right now

Some how, some way

So many banelings!

High level play

This could be GG

The drinking game thread for the GSL final on on TeamLiquid would also be a great source of inspiration and was great fun. Worth skimming and then watching Artosis' intro to the first game of the final. :D

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I might give casting a go as well. I would be hilariously bad.

What is the best way to go about it? Record the playback and video with fraps?

I've given fraps a quick test. Just plug a mic into your PC, have fraps running, load the replay in game, hit F9 to start recording. You'll need to make sure the in game volume is down or it'll overpower your speech. You'll either need to pay for the full version of fraps or find a way to get round the authentication as the free version only lets you record up to 30seconds of video.

Catchphrases are something I'll definitely have to think about, although I may just record a few and let others point out when I start repeating myself.

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It's a good opportunity to spread silly names for stuff. I'd start referring to Mutaling as "Rats 'n' Bats", because I hate lame portmaneaux.

Dude, I like that. a lot.

It's right up there with fruit baskets for overlords with baneling passengers for being rather cool.

Protoss don't have any decent names. ooh stalker ball, BORING.

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