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Games that provoked the old excitement


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I'm thinking now how games used to make me feel, like when I read Mean Machines :D

There's only a couple that have got me excited like I used to when I read the reviews..

Metroid Prime before I played that, it seemed like the most perfect game concept ever.

And one that made me feel like that when I played it? ICO.

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When I finally "got" Halo and FFVII it was pretty ace.

But the best feeling ever comes from MGS, I remember the absolute monstrous amounts of hype and trailers etc, then having a go on the playable demo that came with OPSM and I was like "Oh my God I'm playing Metal Gear Solid!" like I was star struck or something.

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Double Dragon on the GBA brought a grin to my normally stony face. I remembered my wasted days in the local arcade, and then putting so many 10p's into the damn machine to complete it, all I could afford for dinner was 1 scallop. :) I don't remember it being this hard though...

Plus, all this talk of Prince of Persia has got me wistful again. :lol:

Picked up some EMU CD's for the Dreamcast which are eating up valuable sleep time too.

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REZ: More than just a perfectly balanced game, it's a comfortable place to escape the current console line-ups.

Chu Chu Rocket: They are not normal mice after all.

I would hope that Broken Sword and Sands of Time will prove to honour their heritage in the same way but I am yet to play them - RC

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Halo....reminded me of the first time I played Doom, or coming back to gaming and trying Unreal Tournament...

MotoGP.... Finally a decent bike game that captured the excitement of bike racing...wheelies, stoppies etc....

That's about it so far...

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Viewtiful Joe

Metroid Prime

Metroid Fusion

F-Zero GX

KOTOR nearly did but not quite there.

The magic I felt the first time VJ clicked was awesome,

Metroid fusion just before playing prime for the first time also added greatly to its effect cos to me I felt like I'D BEEN TRONED.

Ico, Rez and SMB well what more could I add. My only regret at getting rid of the PS2 was I can no longer play Ico or Rez.

If I hadnt I'd have never played HALO and the rush from the first time I played silent cartographer and the effect the theme music still has on me says it all.

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After a little break from the consoles in 1999 - 2000, I decided to get a Dreamcast with Shenmue.

This was the game that got me back into gaming.

Since then i'd say Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Rez, Super Monkey Ball, Pro Evolution 1,2,3 and Wind Waker have been the stars of the show.

Wario Ware will no doubt join them soon, the little skateboarding game is ace!

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