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Playstation Vita


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Isn't that what Microsoft execs say every year when all their stuff is blown out of the water weeks early?

Exactly. Moreover...

Two domain entries relating to the name have recently been unearthed. The first one is psvita.com, which doesn’t fall far from the Sony tree. And today, development site vita.scedev.net was discovered.

The plot thickens.

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can't believe people are comparing it to an iPhone/iPad. what planet do you guys live on? to 99% of people this thing is a glorified Game Boy. nobody is going to be using it to send texts or browse the web or whatever other shit it's supposed to do. the PSP was an unmitigated disaster and their response has just been to make it even more expensive and technically sound. how many people out there actually care about playing console quality games on the train? that is the difference between this and an iPad, which i also think is pointless but has been a great success; people can use it to read the news or a book or whatever, and it carries Apple's brand name which is the strongest in the world right now.

this is just a geek fetish novelty. my prediction: another suicidal venture from Sony. i'm amazed they haven't gone bankrupt yet.

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If selling over 60 million consoles worldwide, which last time I checked, was more than either the 360 or PS3 totals, constitutes an 'unmitigated disaster', then fuck only knows what a success would look like.

there's no way it sold more than the 360.

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The planet where people play a lot of games on their iOS devices?

"iOS devices"

thanks for elucidating my point perfectly

nobody calls it this except geeks. it's an iPad/iPhone, an entirely separate product category from other little gizmos you might carry around with you, even if they do exactly the same thing.

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Time to change the thread title Robo!

Seems like it really will be called the PS Vita.

The rumors and the leaks about the official name for Sony's next portable, tentatively called the "Next Generation Portable" (or NGP), are looking more legit today.

Folks have spotted wording and details buried in the HTML source code for Sony's official E3 website that indicate the handheld will be officially dubbed "PS Vita." This corroborates the leaked information, which including alleged marketing materials and anonymous sources.

Of course, Sony could just be completely screwing with everyone, and will totally take us off guard during next week's press conference. You know, the one where Rebecca Black will be performing.


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Definitely having one of these. Perfect gaming setup - 360 when the big telly is available, PSP2 when Aunty Nasty is watching Eastenders, iPhone for outside. I reckon you could pretty much be constantly gaming with that setup :eyebrows:

But yeah, really looking forward to the launch.

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Previews/Info coming in for various Vita titles...

Uncharted: Golden Abyss.






Video Preview


Behind the Tech (contains gameplay footage)




Wipeout 2048 (cross play confirmed)







Gameplay Footage



Reality Fighters





Backwards Compatibility confirmed


Reality Fighters, Sound Shapes and Hustle Kings make thew launch line up



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