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Well, a lot of people are dead already and from doing a cursory glance through the citizens directory it seems we have quite a few people doing nothing and going nowhere ( citizen welcome pack and doggy bags still in their houses ). This is a doomed town, no point in trying to draw it out, let's hasten the end!

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Do we have another muk coalition about?

Garibaldi has become a hero so can now choose which town our coalition can start in. I believe he can search for people to join so if we have another coalition, if they join a town and post here right away with the town name I think we should then be able to join you guys and have more of a muk game :)

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Well we're still alive in our little town, Day 11, 18 survivors. We've built loads of stuff but there's a big zombie attack on the way - 100 more than we can withstand. We're desperately trying to finish off some water based defences (off the Hydraulic Network tree). Of course, this costs lots of water so if we do manage to fight off the hordes we could be dead in a few days from dehydration!

On the whole though the town has been going great. We've explored about half the grid and only just built the Search Tower, which replenishes depleted zones. No more trekking half way across the wastes just to try and find metal - now every day some squares replenish.

The murderer in our midst continued his villainous activities. He deliberately went out to steal supplies we'd left to rescue someone. He stole things from people's houses. A campaign of abuse was hurled at him in the forums, which he'd always reply to in an amusing way. Some of the townspeople started trying to ferry all of the water supplies into the bank so he couldn't get water. In the end, they waited for him to pop outside and then closed the gates for the whole day so he was left out to die! A true cinema villain indeed.

Lots of arguing has erupted over construction. People keep going on a construction frenzy, building non-critical things with rare resources. We build things so fast that there's no direction after the initial plan, so people just build whatever they can. It could be the death or our town, we're out of nuts and bolts and so many vital constructions need them.

So, will the hordes overrun us tonight? Will we die of dehydration in a day or two? We're living on a knife edge!

EDIT - Just saw that we're 12th in the leaderboards of current towns, hats off to 2nd place who are on 17 days! http://die2nite.hoah.org/town

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Haha, oh man, this town is going down in flames. First of all, the inevitable portal lock gets built. I see armour plating as being next so take some building supplies from the bank to store in my house. This doesn't stop armour plating. In the meantime three people have built hovels, I draw attention to one of them and he earns seven complaints but the other two seemingly go unnoticed. I go outside today and do some scouting, posting up in the forum which squares are free from zombies, undepleted, and safe for scavenging.

I come back later in the day to find the enhanced map has been built which tells everyone where all the zombies are. Despite my thread, and on day two.

Might just stay outside tonight and let them eat me, it'd be less painful.

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