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That new Dizzy then...


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I for one would quite like to see a new Dizzy as long as it wasn't another indentikit platformer. Something a bit different, more slow paced. Maybe a bit like Little Big Adventure.

Anyone heard any news on this? Is it in production?

A GBA Dizzy compilation would be nice too.

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I'd love a nice slow adventure like the old games.

Who made that trailer then?

Blitz Games did, but they want some feedback on whether a new game is wanted, and Codemasters have to make some agreement about it (as they own a half share of Dizzy) before it goes into production.

And I'd like a nice slow adventure too. :lol:

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Blitz gave a talk at my Uni the other day. Had I have known I would have asked. At least to see if they looked conspiritory when telling me 'that's classified'.

You must go to my uni then!! Hooray for Teesside Uni! I really wanted to go AND ask them about the Dizzy thing, but had to bloody work a SHIT JOB TO GET SHIT MONEY* :)

Woulda been the first time I'd gone into uni in ages too!

If they don't make a Dizzy game soon, I'll make one (albeit with different characters - surely not a completely bad thing??) - love that old school one item does one puzzle thing.

*on a lighter note, completed KOTOR finally, was very pleased

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I've a mate who's a project manager at Blitz called Phil (glasses, and a bit thin on top ;) ). Said that he did a talk at a Uni the other day, could've been him!

I'm at codies, and there's still a bit of friction between the Olivers (Blitz) and the Darlings (Codies) from what I hear...

Haven't a clue what's going on behind the scenes (codies is a big company) but I've got my fingers crossed something could come of it though. Think it would be nice to see him back :)

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