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Top 100 Toys - With Jonathan Ross


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Damn, I was preoccupied with the repeat of Top Gear in Bolivia on Dave. No matter, PlayTV is recording it so I'll watch it from the start now.

It should nicely coincide with this thread hopefully. I hope that they actually mention the Firefox F-7 electronic game, they had it in the promos and I STILL have mine!

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Watching this is leading me to develop a crush on Tyger Drew-Honey. I dread to think how old he is :unsure:

About 14 or 15, you paedo. And you'd have a much easier chance with his dad. Much easier. But you'd have to work for it.

Anyhoo. Where the hell was Real Ghostbusters? The Ghostbusters HQ was my best ever christmas toy! I don't know how to feel about games consoles being in the list... grumblegrumble"toys"grumble. And it's clear that when they were showing the Xbox, it must have been the Xbox 360 that was voted for.

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