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All the best PS2 games are multi-format

Nick Laslett

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A quick glance at my PS2 collection reveals:

Ico - exclusive

Ring of Red - exclusive

Armored Core 2 - exclusive

Devil May Cry - exclusive

Freak Out - exclusive

Dynasty Warriors 2 - exclusive

Zone of the Enders - exclusive

Gungrave - exclusive

Ridge Racer 5 - exclusive

Wipeout Fusion - exclusive

Gran Turismo 3 - exclusive

Silpheed - exclusive

Psyvariar - exclusive

Virtua Fighter 4 - exclusive

Fantavision - exclusive

Dark Cloud - exclusive

Guilty Gear X2 - (ok, I'm not sure about this one...)

Rez - not exclusive, but I got the PS2 version for £10 new, as opposed to what, £50 odd 2nd hand for the DC version? Thats good enough for me.

IMO, there isn't a bad game in that list (well I dunno about ZOE and GGX2, haven't got round to playing them yet), and I don't need Edge to tell me that. Not all of them are absolutely fantastic, but a fair few are, Ico, Psyvariar, VF4, Fantavision, Rez, Dynasty Warriors, Dark Cloud and Ring of Red in particular.

As for MGS2 and GTA3... well, I borrowed my brothers copies and completed both of them before they were even announced on other consoles. If that's what passes for multi format, then so be it... what was the point in buying SNES games, btw, they're all being ported to the GBA anyway :lol:

After that list, there's still more exclusive PS2 games that I want than I could possibly hope to afford in the near future, even buying them 2nd hand. This isn't to say there's none that I want on other formats, just that there are plenty on the PS2 as well. And thats without even starting on things I'd want to import if I could afford a chip!

I loved this, btw.

So putting to one side – Gran Turismo 3, Ico and FFX.

Why exactly put them to one side? What is it, "hide the games that'll prove me wrong!" or something?

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well frequency, rez and ico were easily enough for me.

in my opinion those are 3 of the best games this generation, and if not the best definately the most interesting. games that really are very special, pure, quality gaming.

add whatever to that list, but that should be enough for anyone.

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I won’t say that the PS2 is the best console I ever had or there ever is, but the amount of quality tittles I played on it is amazing, only the SNES, N64 and PSX have been better.

I'm surprised that topics like this even turn up occasionally, cos it seems that even most hardcore gamers rate the PS2 better than I have thought.

At the end of the day it is all about personal taste and preferences and the problem could only be solved by a single format.

I waited until all 3 consoles had launched and the PS2 was for me clearly the one with the most appealing games and there are still loads of good ones to come.

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I recently gave in and got a PS2 to complement my Nintendo consoles. The reason--mentioned a few times in this thread, already--was Disgagea. It's a staggeringly good game.

The abiltiy to play Ico was a considerable bonus.

I also get to play PS1 games I missed out on such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Symphony of Night.


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Why worry about PS2 line up.

It got a lot of good games. But for multi console owners it is alway better to buy GC or XBOX version to stop Sony getting too big for their feet.

I have on PS2 Rez, WE7, Psyvarir, Metal Slug 3, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and Ridge Racer 5. They are good games. But I only buy Japanese games for PS2 anyway. Next one is Gregory Horror Show and Granius V. I would buy Colin McRae Rally 4, but I would prefer to wait for US XBOX version.

PS2 got enough games to keep you happy if you only own a PS2.

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Well, having recently finished Dark Chronicle and now playing Kingdom Hearts, with the occasional bout of PES3, I'm thoroughly glad that I have a PS2.

Honestly, these people who say it's not worth having one are either bitter fanboy keyboard warriors, or they have a very bizarre taste in games. Looking through this thread, it is quite clear that some posters are mentally unstable when it comes to evaluating the quality of a console's line up.

Yes, I know there are people who can't face playing games that don't include Mario (even if they're distinctly average as in the case of MK:DD), but they're just sad.

The point is, if you're a 'hardcore' gamer, or just well into gaming, if you don't own all 3 consoles you'll miss out. That's a simple fact. Anyone who says otherwise needs to sort themselves out.

The people who will tell you that Amplitude is forgetable are as bad as the people who call Zelda:TWW or Halo rubbish.

With the range of quality games that are available these days, I find it very sad that certain games are ignored or dissed, just because they happen to be on a Sony console.

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Guest Penguin_Lad


Well it was out a long time before the others...makes sense doesn't it? I couldn't play "Multiformat" games back then.

It plays all of my old PSone games. Can the Xbox and GC do that, when bought of the shelf?

PES3, Wild Arms 3, Ring of Red, Dark Chronicle, Rez, etc etc etc

The question is...why don't you own ALL the consoles.

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