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Two excellent books in todays daily deal. The non fiction book the White ship which is described as a real life game of thrones and is the story of the succession crisis arising from the death of Henry the firsts male heir aboard the white ship . Sounds dull? No, it’s a fantastic page turner chronicling one of the biggest crises in British history.

Fiction: the Hearts invisible furies is the story of a young Irish orphan and is journey through life . It’s heart warming and very well written and is worth 99p of anyones money.

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Cecily by Annie Garthwaite is in the daily deal today. It's the semi fictional story of Cecily Neville who was the wife of the Duke of York in the War of the Roses and the mother of two kings. It was one of my favourite books of last year and anyone who has any interest in historical (semi) fiction will love it.

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3 hours ago, little che said:

For those few who haven't read it yet, Piranesi is in the daily deal today . As already commented on by everyone, it's fantastic.


Thanks for highlighting that - snapped it up immediately.

Disappointed to see they've followed the recent trend though and labelled it as "Piranesi: WINNER OF THE WOMEN'S PRIZE 2021" which is how it will appear in my Kindle library forevermore. I also have several books in there with the suffix "TikTok made me read it!" (spoiler: no it fucking didn't). If you're even slightly anally retentive about maintaining an organised library on your Kindle then this sort of nonsense is deeply aggravating.

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