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Bob's Burgers


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This season has been incredible. They might be the only animated series that has made the female characters the bulk of the entertainment. Though Gene's near-the-knuckle lines are probably my single favourite part.

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Very late to the party but I mainlined season 1 of this over the weekend and totally fell in love with it. Tina and Louise are the best but sometimes Gene will drop a line that will totally kill me. The bit where he’s playing the triangle…….

My favourite episode was the Banjo one because it has all that really sweet stuff between Bob, Louise and Gene at the end. The Foodcourt and The Burn Unit Vs. The Menstruation Nation! :lol:

And I’ve two more full seasons to go. :omg:

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Yeah, the break has been ridiculous.

This is probably one of my favourite shows ever now. I recently bummed through seasons 1-4 again and it just keeps getting better.

Bob's Burgers > Archer.

When it first started I didn't find Bob's Burgers as immediately hilarious as Archer, but having re-watched it all recently I'd have to agree. It really is superb, I think what I love the most is that is never betrays its characters for characters for the sake of gag, they've barely extended the core cast since the very beginning and they still all perfectly bounce off each other in continually hilarious ways. It reminds me of the glory days of the Simpsons, only with a touch more surrealism and plenty of belly laughs.

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Mine too. I love them all, but Louise is on another level. Kristen Schaal is an amazing voice actor.

I can't believe more people don't watch this.

You watch Gravity Falls as well, don't you? Kristen has the little girl voice-acting game SEWN UP.

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