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Bob's Burgers


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I'm not sure I'd put it as best ever - but it's very good.


Lovely and sweet, with heart underneath it. I love that BB rarely goes mean in it's comedy and the family generally supports and helps each other (Hate Linda though)

Good god I can't get the song out of my head though



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I've only seen Secret Admiral-irer so far, but I thought that was brilliant. And the voice of Meryl was Mrs. Glick from the Simpsons episode Three Men and a Comic Book, which is pretty incredible.One of the best episodes in TV history. 

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21 minutes ago, DukeOfEarlsfield said:

I gave the first two episodes of this a try some time back and didn't really gel with it. The second episode where the dad goes into the wall crawl space reminded me a bit of when the Simpsons went shit and had Homer do 'wacky' stuff for no reason.


Have I misjudged this, or does it get better with time?


It definitely gets better as it goes on. The first season has its moments, but it is the weakest and does seem a bit formulaic, especially compared to the last season. Give it more time, and you'll start to love the characters.

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Burger Wars and Torpedo are my favourites from the first season. They don't need to be watched in order, no. If you watch a few from season one and don't like it, I doubt you'd love the later episodes though.


Although you should; it's lovely.

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