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  • 5 months later...

Rather shocked to find Ticket To Ride: Europe in my local suburban charity shop for £1.50.

Even more shocked when I got it home, carefully cut and removed the sellotape seal, and found that the contents were unused - everything pristine, cards still sealed.

I actually a) already own it and b) keep meaning to sell it, but I couldn't leave it behind at that price.

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Picked up a copy of Risk 2210 AD earlier this month for £2.50 in a charity shop. Played it last night with the family and 20 minutes into the instructions we lost the will to live. Fortunately we found the Risk Classic instructions near the back and cracked on with those.


Thoroughly enjoyable game, which did stretch to over 4 hours because we had misinterpreted some of the rules. Oooooops!

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  • 2 months later...

Age of Steam 3rd Edition - for free! 


Bought AoS for boardgameguru a few weeks back but when he came to send it he emailed to say he couldn't find it in the warehouse. Offered to order me one in but it would take a couple of weeks, not a problem, never in a rush for a game. 


Got an email yesterday saying that it's turned up, but it's the Dutch version. Game is mostly language independent but he'll send English rules, refund me the order and still send it! Told him that was too much, a little bit of discount would be more than enough, but he wasn't having anything of it and insisted on refunding me. 


The game itself has two boards which have some text on, but after a turn you don't need the text to know what the spaces do. Plus they're in black and white and I was going to print a full colour version that someone has made on the geek anyway. 


Awesome customer service from bgg and an awesome game. Probably won't play it for months anyway :)


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46 minutes ago, Kzo said:

@Mikes Looks like some good reductions on Malifaux here (only a few in stock - I don't play so don't know if these are good or not): http://www.pegasushobbiesandgames.com/clearance-malifaux.irc 


Some other good reductions. Imperial Assault for 55 quid which is a good price.


"Won't ship to Australia" :( And they had the Sonia Criid crew on sale too.


Thanks for the heads up though, mate.

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Picked up Saboteur (instructions in French, cards looks universal) and Jungle Speed at the car boot this morning, £3 the pair. Both are pristine! Can’t wait to accidentally break my children’s fingers playing the latter. 


They also had a boxed Quirkle for £2.50, but I already have a (rather battered) copy from a previous car boot, and I couldn’t get it home on my bike easily. 

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T.I.M.E Stories is on offer today- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Space-Cowboys-ASMSCTS01US-T-I-M-E-Stories/dp/B013TRQLJO/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=time+stories&qid=1575028203&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&sr=8-1


Not an amazing reduction, but a good price for it. A few of the usual suspects are on offer too ( Cards Against Humanity/ Exploding Kittens), but there doesn't seem to be a ton of good games on Amazon this year.

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Star Wars Risk: Black Edition is under twenty quid at Amazon at the moment. 

Star Wars Risk isn’t actually Risk at all, it’s a version of Star Wars Queens Gambit which is long out of print and also rather excellent. The black edition has much better components and originally retailed for about twice the price of the regular edition. 

A bargain.

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