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A question on trading

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I've been thinking about trading and wondering if there's any point us putting games we want to swap or sell in the forum's official Trading folder. Would we be allowed to organise trades in the Gaming Unplugged folder instead, or does this go against the rllmuk rulebook?

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I'm not sure we'd be big enough for specific trade and bargain sub- folders, but maybe if we could get permission to start specific threads in here? Ones labelled BARGAIN shouldn't cause too much of a problem, but TRADE ones? That's why I thought I'd ask.

Also, who's up for a Maths Trade? :D

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How's this progressing in Mod Towers? I'm after a couple of games and I'd rather give my money/un-used games to fellow mukkers than annonymous ebay types. I think, as a general rule, anything other than games or gadgets tend to be missed or overlooked in the main trading folder.

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