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We are all aware of LMD, but where else do you go or your news/reviews etc?

I've recently been listening to Happy Jack's RPG Podcast (http://www.happyjacks.org/), which I really enjoy. The guys hosting it are pretty funny and it has some great advice on running games/creating characters etc. They recently had an interview with Steve Jackson which was quite interesting too.

The only other podcast I listen to regularly is The D6 Generation (http://www.thed6generation.com/) which is much more boardgame/war-game orientated. It's good too, but they are about 3hrs long each, so can go on a bit!

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Other gaming podcasts I listen to regularly apart from LMD are Into the Gamescape although they've had a bit of a break recently and are a bit irregular at the best of times. The presenters are obviously good friends and you get a lot of very natural chat and banter between them.

The Dice Tower is my other regular. This is a weekly podcast at the minute and is probably the most professional one going with contributors and regular segments. The Top 10 lists are very useful sometimes and who doesn't love Top 10s?

I've listened to a good number of others over the last few years but ended up giving up on them all for various reasons.

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I enjoyed the Wizards of the Coast special from some convention with the Penny Arcade people and somebody from Star Trek playing D&D. It was funny. I've gone back to old episodes, but they seem to start quite slowly, hopefully it gets funnier as it goes along.

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I've always quite enjoyed the "one man in his basement" feel to the Meeples & Miniatures podcast. Although he does seem to have gone from a monthly schedule to something more erratic. To be honest his voice can sometimes send me to sleep on the train but in a nice, whisperingly soporific way.

Less boardgames and more wargaming/GW focussed, World's End Radio is hosted by a couple of Australian guys with a pretty slick production. They're also big fans of Blood Bowl which gets it a +1 from me.

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RPPR - Role Playing Public Radio. They have a main show for news, reviews, interviews and other things ending in 'ews'


and an extensive archive of 'actual play' RPG sessions


Most of the actual play podcasts are from games of Call of Cthlhu and Delta Green (one of hosts writes Delta Green suppliments) but there are a few other games in there, some weird one-shots, and a long-running D&D campaign in their own 'New World' setting, which is available for free download from the site.

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I probably listen to too many podcasts but my favourites are:

The Dice Tower - because Tom and Eric are always entertaining, plus Top 10 lists!

The Spiel - really in-depth reviews of games

Game On! with Cody and John - Not as in-depth, but still a lot of fun to listen to, they're willing to play anything.

Game Night Guys - Brian and Mike are great. The show's less about the games the play (which are generally bloody awful) but more about them. I love it.

The D6 Generation - Epic shows, often upwards of 4 hours. More wargame/miniatures focused, but always a good listen.

On Board Games - if you miss Scott Nicholson, this is where you'll find him. The guys take a topic and discuss it, that's about it. More informative than super funtime.

Into the Gamescape - UK show, back after a long hiatus, and (as mentioned) really quite good.

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Ha, true. They can be a bit long winded, but they're alright. My only issue with them is their desire to explain everyone who sponsors them in intricate detail, can be a bit of a pain in the arse.

Oh, yes. I fucking hate Starlit bloody Citadel even if it is my boardgame store in Canada. God, I really need to cut back on coffee.

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Surprised I didn't pimp my own blog in this thread.


It's a WoWTCG blog, basically detailing the escapades of an idiot as he tries to win games. Unfortunately it can be quite heavy going if you're not familiar with the game, but I've started including a boatload of card images to help people get to grips with it.

It gets about 15 views a week, and I imagine out of those, one is Moosegrinder, one is me, and the rest are search engine robots :D

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