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Here's a fairly rough photo of what I've been up to recently. About 1k points of Abyssal Dwarves for Mantic's Kings of War game:


EDIT - here's some better pictures I took for another forum. Sadly a phone, a desk lamp and a folded sheet of A4 paper is not a substitute for decent photography facilities.







I've already assembled another 20 hand weapon/shield Blacksouls, a Half-Breed Champion and 5 Dwarf Berserkers to sit behind the Abyssal ones, so once I get some more primer they'll all be added to the army. Next step - find someone to play.

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When it was released they said it was not going to be reprinted which is why I stumped up the 60 quid when I saw copies in the GW shop at the Metrocentre. I thought I was being very extravagant at the time but I'm glad I've got a copy now.

Could you catch some of the smell from the box in a jar and send it to me, please?

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is as far as I got a couple of years ago before life got in the way. Missing out on all the stuff I wanted from Sabreman re-ignited a flame.

Added Wacky Races and Cluedo to it yesterday, and have got Tannhauser and Space Crusade on the way. So far the 3.5 year old likes Haunted House, though we help him with the "choose your own cards" phase. LotR is probably beyond him though.

Currently after a load of stuff and have added the ones I can get as new to my wish list for upcoming birthday/christmas presents. In the meantime, I'm scouring every corner of the earth for good condition Heroquest and Space Hulk boxes (not fussed about the LE of the latter, happy with the old box variant).

So, yeah, if anyone's offloading...

post-2339-072900600 1314793460_thumb.jpg

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Newest additions finally came through.

Tannhauser and Space Crusade. The former looks to be pretty much untouched as far as I can tell, and oh boy is it gorgeous. HUGE board, lovely pre-painted miniatures, more tokens than I know what to do with and a rulebook that's as lush as it is thick.

post-2339-007223900 1315393754_thumb.jpe

Space Crusade is a little bit more knocked about. It was missing some doors and door bases, a gretchin, some cards, two clips for the walls and the plasma gun for the dreadnought. I've topped up the gretchin and and doors from eBay, and printed out some cards last night:

post-2339-076320900 1315393827_thumb.jpe

Which just kinda leaves me with the plasma gun to source cheaply. It's pretty much complete, and great for being used and played with. I'm gonna have to buy some paints though, as I'm not happy with some of them. I may be unable to paint for shit (especially compared to some of you), but at least it'll be my shit effort.

post-2339-078656600 1315393924_thumb.jpe

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Have a Plus 1 :)

It's coming along nicely mate. And apologies for buying all of Sabreman's stuff. I get a bit excited when I see bargains!!!!

Cheers, and don't be daft ;) I'm just jealous. If I buy SimonC's Heroquest stuff I'll be as happy as Larry. Told my wife that's it then for the time being as it's my birthday in 2 months. There's now another whole type of thing she can gift me.

It's an amazing world to come back to after only ever playing GW stuff in the 90's and staring at the rather sad offerings in Toys R Us since then. Quite fancy those Lego Heroica games though.

And, of course, I always need to keep in mind that my wife isn't as geeky as me (though she really enjoyed Zombies!) and my son is only 3 years old. Plenty of time to break them in yet, and I need to get the right level of stuff. Just looking at Tannhauser rulebooks is scaring me :D

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Mel spoke to me the other day about secretly turning her into a geek.

She started off with Settlers of Catan and we then started to play a lot of Ticket to Ride and after that Carcassonne. She likes It's Alive, enjoys playing Wildlife Adventure with the kids and we also play a lot of Wildlife Rescue (which is like the former but mixed with Yahtzee elements.

About a month back we played Thunderstone and she really enjoyed it. I then sold her Quarriors by saying it's like Thunderstone, but with dice. She loves both games but mentioned how she doesn't like playing geeky fantasy stuff. Amazingly, at 39-years old she's actually worried that she'll be laughed at by her friends because of what she's playing.

Thankfully she's now started to look past a game's theme and simply judges it on its mechancis instead. I'm introducing her to Mansions of Madness at the weekend and Descent the week after that. Let's see how she fucking feels then ;)

Ultimately though I get a real satisfaction from being able to sit down with Mel and my two kids as a family and all do something that we really enjoy. It reminds me of my own youth and it's great that board games can generate that sort of passion in you.

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That's great, really is, and absolutely what I want to emulate.

Ultimately though I get a real satisfaction from being able to sit down with Mel and my two kids as a family and all do something that we really enjoy. It reminds me of my own youth and it's great that board games can generate that sort of passion in you.

This, though my driver is the opposite - I want to provide that feeling of family, inclusion, adventure, opportunity and engagement that was lacking in my youth. Seeing my little lads face light up as he beats me at his first game of Haunted House, or rolls a 2 on Space Crusade and "booms a bad guy" is heart warming.

Plus, y'know, he's a built in play mate.

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I hate you all.

My wife won't even sit down and try any of all the lovely games I have. When my daughter and I play together or with friends she won't join in and seems to think they are beneath her. The one time she did sit down to try a game her very first comment was "How long will this take?" which kind of killed the atmosphere.

In short, I need a new wife.:(

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You should definitely move whatever tat your wife has put in the glass cabinet elsewhere and give your collection a nicer home :)

The tat in those cases are around 280 blu-rays, 100 PSP games, 100+PS3 games, about 50 DVD tv sets and 60 odd Wii games. Basically all my tat ;)

Like Thunderstone but more imbalanced.

Agreed, it's good, but I prefer Thunderstone

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So I grabbed SimonC's Heroquests off him while the going was good. He did a good price on them, painted a couple of the miniatures better than he made out and they're pretty much complete. I was like a child on Saturday.

post-2339-091781900 1315836237_thumb.jpe

The Moosegrinder, who I referred to as a GOD in the other thread as a direct result of this, was astoundingly generous and literally gave me a copy of this.

post-2339-098721100 1315836335_thumb.jpe

Yes, it's complete. Yes, it's gorgeous. Yes, I love him.

Unfortunately all of that childhood joy was completely overshadowed by Sundays bargain car boot bargain (£1.50).

post-2339-021149700 1315836402_thumb.jpe

I got some looks from my wife, and it didn't look like she wanted sex, so I may need to hold off now.

(love it, spending evenings painting and pissing about with this lot, Deus Ex isn't getting a look in)

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