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Here's my burgeoning collection. I bought Monopoly Deal on the back of Campfire Burning's inspired review on The Little Metal Dog Show. The little box on the very top is a promotional Magic: The Gathering starter deck from last year's PAX. I'm not getting sucked into the whole Magic thing though. Well, apart from the Steam version.

My favourite is probably Through the Ages as it's utterly engrossing.

post-22388-070715500 1316188502_thumb.jp

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My humble collection, living on top of my wardrobe. Everything under Pitchcar on the left is from before I got into proper games, but they deserve their place nonetheless.

edit: Better picture this time.

post-14228-013433600 1327596297_thumb.jp

What you can't see:

Small games in drawer - Jungle Speed, Jenga, Scrabble Travel Ed.

Expansions (In respective boxes) - Survive! 5-6 Player, Carcassone Inns and Cathedrals

Feels like all I'm missing is a good coop game, so Flash Point Fire Rescue is the next purchase.

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Yeah, done the first two scenarios with my dad, it's exactly what I wanted - Accessible, fast playing, realistic.

The rulebook is available on BGG, and although it can seem confusing at first, there's also a really really helpful infantry play example which brings it all together (which I've printed as it perfectly demonstrates all the game's basic functions), and now I've played a few times it's all second nature.

My only complaints are with production quality, it's a flimsy box (will probably have to stay on top of the stack) and after Memoir 44 all the cardboard bits don't have much wow factor. If I'd not paid £40 (inc shipping from US) I'd not care about that though, and plus, I've grown to like the artwork.

We're really excited to play more, as the game drip-feeds in new unit types. Scenario 2, which added a single mounted weapons team, was so much more fun than the first, and Scenario 3 has artillery fire!

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Well, it's not increased greatly since I last took a shot of it (in fact, there are fewer games here than I own, as some are now living with my mum), but there are some new games here and, more importantly, they now have a proper place to live. I'm actually being put off buying other games from fear that the floating shelves mightn't be able to take the weight...

post-409-053668000 1327602218_thumb.jpg

(in case anyone was wondering, top-right on the bottom shelf is a random game from The Works that my mum bought me for Christmas - The Three Commandments)

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I do like the sound of it, but I can't bring myself to spend that much on it. I'll keep an eye out for it making a local appearance.

I will post if I see anything too, there's already some announced follow up games using the same system, so hopefully something will make it over.

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Here are my updates. Apologies for pics, room has no proper light.

New shelving


These are my smaller games. The dark stuff on the left is dungeon twister and expansions which I still haven't played


More games on the floor


Final bits and bobs.


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How young and innocent I was, back when I thought a few old boxes and a copy of HeroQuest would sate my appetite.

This is the office. I can't even remember what I used to store on these shelves, but it's somewhere else now.

post-2339-083408700 1327656223_thumb.jpe

This is the box of magic that I let my son go into whenever he wants to. He does so, a lot.

post-2339-015670200 1327656238_thumb.jpe

This is what's in the box of magic.

post-2339-038252600 1327656254_thumb.jpe

I've made a start under the stairs too, though there's only Scrabble and Mouse Trap at the moment, and the kid has a few kids games knocking about that I can't claim ownership of just yet. He's a convert, anyway. My wife tends to stay out of the office now. We all win then!

Edit: fuck you iphone rotation issues.

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Not sure what Im more envious of.. Your extensive collections or the abundance of storage space most of you seem to have!

Most of mine have to be crammed under our TV cabinet, either that or face being relegated to the loft (Blood Bowl I'm sorry!)

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Dude! You're tidying is doing wonders. Now I know the relative size of some of those boxes it's incredible just how big some of them are. That Montego Bay box needs to move down at least two places in its stack.

Hey, is anyone else needlessly obsessed with constantly re-arranging the boxes into some kind optimum order to utilise the space while remaining within the constraints set about your OCD?

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