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Professor Rob

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Here's mine from just after UKGE 2017. Formula D has gone and I've since added a copy of Istanbul, and I've recently been given the Recon expansion for Arctic Scavengers too.


There's about four expansions in the Dominion box and everything but Babel in the 7 Wonders box.



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My little collection. That's a Crokinole board in it's carboard box peaking out the side of the shelving. The black boxes at the bottom all contain games stuff too. Paints in one, X-Wing ships, Imperial Assault minis and assorted pieces, dice tray and table cloth in the other. My lounge is basically a games room. Board games and dining table at one end and TV and xbox at the other :)



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You need to do what I did and buy another one :) Lots of games still in shrink wrap there!


8 hours ago, LaParka said:

Some lovely games there @SimonC what do you think of Murano? 

I like it. But then I am fairly ruthless with my collection and any game I can't see myself playing again quickly gets sold on. It's a nice midweight euro. Plenty of interaction as you try and take the actions around the edge of the board and fight over tile space in the centre. Defintiely worth a play. You've reminded me that I should really get it to the table again soon!

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Yeah, I played it not so long ago, really liked how the ships were action spaces that you move round the outside of the board. Some spatial element with the tile laying and having the right building join up to the right buyer. 


I liked it but it definitely deserves a couple of goes, I was concentrating so hard on making my stuff work that I neglected a lot of end game scoring cards. Guy who won got a couple of cards which gave him points for particular colour glass and he had some conversion cards to those colours. He romped it :)

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Lucky folk with spare room(s).  If I had one I would have absolutely no self control, rather than extremely little self control.  I've limited my board games to 6 John Lewis low units dotted around the flat, items for disposal being relegated to the naughty chair in the bottom of the wardrobe (where shoes and bags usually live).  

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On 28/05/2012 at 16:57, jonnyalpha said:

I can now say "quite a lot less" since I managed to unload 5 boxes of games at the UK Expo but I still won't tell her how many I have. I'll tell you lot though, it's now down to a more reasonable 157 which is probably just about right.

Looking back at this thread I found this old post of mine. It's obvious I really didn't know what I'd got into at that point, "157", "just about right"........... oh,dear, I was so naive back then. My BGG stats show the collection has gone over 500 now and that's with selling a fair number of games over lockdown.  

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In the midst of redecorating the bedroom so my games collection is currently stashed in the airing cupboard with the towels and extra bedding, so no pic. Compared to you guys my collection is very modest...

  1. The Lost Expedition & Expansion (bought from @jonnyalpha on here)
  2. The Cursed Earth
  3. Love Letter
  4. Survive: Escape from Atlantis
  5. Mea Culpa
  6. Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr (shoutout to @michael)
  7. Undaunted: Normandy
  8. Fury of Dracula
  9. Jaws
  10. Villainous Base Game & 2 expansions (spotted the latest one available in my local but resisted....for now)
  11. Pandemic
  12. Pandemic: Legacy Season 1
  13. Treasure Island
  14. Mysterium
  15. Letter Tycoon
  16. Tsuro
  17. Skull
  18. Secret Hitler
  19. Conan (from Monolith. This was the King Pledge) & Nordheim Expansion
  20. Game of Thrones 2nd Edition
  21. Star Wars: Imperial Assualt
  22. Star Wars: Armada
  23. Star Wars: X-Wing
  24. We're Doomed
  25. Villagers
  26. Forbidden Island
  27. HeroQuest
  28. And the newest addition.... The Kings Dilemma

    I also have "Fluxx" on loan from a friend, "Die of the Dead" and "Streets" backed on Kickstarter (shoutout to @therearerules) and around about new year I should get the Board Game Designer kit off of kickstarter too. Phew!
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Was taking some photos for a friend to see my collection as it stands, obviously lockdown has put a stop to gaming visits and since I've last seen my gaming friends I finally acquired a Kallax and a gaming table and a hell of a lot of new games. Thought I'd check for this kind of thread on here as I'd be interested to see others collections so will stick my photos up and hope others do too!


We are stuck in a 1 bedroom house due to the Glasgow housing market being awful for the last year so one day I hope to get a dedicated room to get the collection all together but its split over three places just now and we are at bursting point in reality, several new arrivals from kickstarter due over the coming months are going to cause a few problems space wise (multiple boxes from Marvel United and Big box for Terrraforming Mars for example). A lot of the games have expansions in the boxes and all the expansion boxes are stored in my Fiancees parents attic at the moment.


Kallax is hard to photo as one due to table and PC being in the way so its done in three sections - 








Edit - that didnt work how I planned link wise so I'll have to do a couple of posts due to size restrictions and have to work out how i put multiple pics in one post like i did before...

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30 minutes ago, uglifruit said:

But what's in the shoe box!?


Thats all the paint stuff I've bought over the years for painting minis and yet never really done many... Or at least I tried a few then realised I was awful at it and shelved it...


I'm thinking I'm going to start painting the Marvel United stuff as hopefully the chibi nature should be easier than the few walking dead and mice and mystics stuff I tried in the past, Ill probably stick to the base game first and if I ruin it then I can replace it easier than the KS exclusive stuff.

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@Nathan WindI didnt bother to be honest, definitely thought about it for a bit but decided against it. I've only picked up the two core sets then was gifted another core set and a couple other ships. I really enjoyed it but the friend I played with moved away and its not something I can convince the fiancé to play when there's the likes of Everdell etc. Since I'll never play competitively I'm happy to just have my little collection as it is for when I can get a game in like that :)

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