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The 2011 Rllmuk Academy Awards Pool


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How are the scores looking?

Your wish is my command!

Capwn: 15

Dazza: 22

DeadRussian: 17

Exidor: 22

Fry Crayola: 25

Futch: 19

Goose: 30

Hardwired: 10

jon_cybernet: 21

lordcookie: 19

Marlowe: 21

OMGJones: 8

poppa_f: 16

sith: 15

therearerules: 27

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As we head into the big 4 awards:

Capwn: 15

Dazza: 23

DeadRussian: 18

Exidor: 23

Fry Crayola: 26

Futch: 20

Goose: 31

Hardwired: 11

jon_cybernet: 21

lordcookie: 20

Marlowe: 21

OMGJones: 9

poppa_f: 16

sith: 16

therearerules: 27

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee the accuracy of the scores! They're likely to be right, though - I'll be double-checking them tomorrow.

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I will divulge to you that you're the only person who picked that particular film, so if it does win, it could be very good for you!

I'd need Goose to slip up twice of four. And considering he's only dropped five points in the whole thing, that'd be something special. :)

Still, it's all very exciting.

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Ooh, looks like it comes down to the big one! If The Social Network wins, Goose wins, if The King's Speech wins, therearerules wins. Exciting!

For the penultimate set of scores, just add 3 points to each score on the last list - we were unanimous on Firth's victory!

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Well, I unsurprisingly didn't win Best Picture (I had Black Swan - foolishly with hindsight. And considering I picked it only about 15 hours ago, that's some damn hindmyopia).

Looks like Goose wins! I'll put up (what I hope will be) the final leaderboard in a sec. Congrats, Goose! :D

Wait, what? That's the opposite of what you just said!

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Here are your results! If you feel like it, double check your scores against my results, just to make sure everything's A-OK!

1st. therearerules (39 points) - £50

2nd. Goose (37 points) - £20

3rd. Exidor (32 points) (9/12 in the Big Four) - £5

4th. Fry Crayola (32 points) (6/12 in the Big Four)

=5th. jon_cybernet (30 points) (9/12 in the Big Four)

=5th. Marlowe (30 points) (9/12 in the Big Four)

7th. Dazza (29 points)

8th. DeadRussian (27 points)

9th. Futch (26 points) (6/12 in the Big Four)

=9th. lordcookie (26 points) (6/12 in the Big Four)

11th. poppa_f (25 points)

12th. Capwn (24 points)

13th. Hardwired (20 points)

14th. sith (19 points)

15th. OMGJones (18 points)

I'll have another look over the scores when my head isn't filled with Best Picture and Best Director-related rage tomorrow. Thanks so, so much for joining up fellas, it's been fun! And congrats to therearerules especially, as well as Goose and Exidor. I'll get your voucher codes to you once I've totally verified the scores!

'Til next year, folks! :hat:

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